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How to Stop Hating Budgets | Summer C. | B*tch, I'm Budgeting

Season 4, Ep. 173

Episode 173 is all about how to stop hating budgets, featuring Summer C. of B*tch, I'm Budgeting! Listen now!

Summer C. is the Founder & CEO of B*tch, I’m Budgeting! She is your self-proclaimed financial best friend, dishing out tips on how to become financially independent. Summer is big on budgeting as well as side hustling to increase your streams of income. She's paid off $41,000 of debt in 2.5 years on a $40K salary, by leveraging different side hustles!

Summer has helped over 50 women start investing through fractional shares. There’s but so far below your means you can live, but when you learn to increase your income, budget and invest you can increase your chances of becoming financially independent!

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