Yo Quiero Dinero: Personal Finance For Latinas

"This podcast will leave you feeling inspired to take a more proactive approach to your savings, earnings, & expenses." - BuzzFeed | Yo Quiero Dinero is an award-winning personal finance podcast that empowers listeners on topics like entrepreneurship, investing, financial independence & money mindset. Hosted by Jannese Torres, Latina money expert, entrepreneur, & business coach. Known as “the swaggiest personal finance podcast", each week we drop episodes brimming with POC-friendly personal finance knowledge, served with sazón! Visit us at YoQuieroDineroPodcast.com.

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is an award-winning Latina Money Expert. Her podcast, Yo Quiero Dinero, is a nationally acclaimed, award winning personal finance podcast that is listened to in over 130 countries. Jannese is on a mission to educate marginalized communities on topics like entrepreneurship, investing, and building generational wealth.