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This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with New York State Champion Zack Ryder.

Together, they talk about roadblocks that every wrestler faces, the difference between focusing on technique over live drilling, and how the hardest opponents to beat are the ones with nothing to lose.


0:31 - From New York to Penn State

1:58 - Technique over hard drilling

2:33 - Growing with Wrestling Mindset

5:16 - Wrestling roadblocks

6:10 - The ones with nothing to lose are the hardest to beat

8:15 - Wrestling is fun, first and foremost

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  • Vougar on Vito's Documentary

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with Vito Arujau's first coach and father, Vougar Arujau.Together, they discuss Vito's first steps into wrestling, the differences between having multiple coaches compared to just one, and how important Vito's brother, Nick, was in his success.Timestamps:2:00 - The stress before every match6:57 - The difference of having multiple coaches13:15 - Vito's first steps into wrestling18:10 - Opinions on the Flow Wrestling documentary20:08 - Vito's brother's role in his success
  • Mental Tips for Moms

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti offers a special episode just for wrestling moms.He gives helpful tips that can help moms relate more with their kids about wrestling. What to do and what not to do. How to show support and love without being overbearing. Knowing what to ask other parents and experts, and knowing who's advice to take. And what is the single most important message you should want to send your kids.Timestamps:0:24 - Moms relating to wrestlers in the family1:46 - Show unconditional love3:00 - Effort, attitude, aggressiveness6:24 - Focus on the present moment11:24 - Ask friends, ask experts too14:03 - Don't over parent15:16 - The message you should want to send your kids
  • Nate Jackson On Competing and Mindset Coaching

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with the great mindset coach and wrestler Nate Jackson.Together, they discuss how disruptive thinking can help you get out of your training rut. The importance of being grateful for every small win and loss. And how to measure consistency and what to notice to always get better on the mat.Timestamps:0:39 - USA Wrestling tour4:36 - Disruptive thinking6:43 - Measuring consistency9:00 - Always getting better14:50 - Being grateful18:42 - A message to coaches
  • Wade Schalles Shares Timeless Wisdom

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with one of the greatest pinners of all time, Wade Schalles.Together, they discuss how various techniques that can improve every wrestler's game. From various moves for different body types to learning the proper order of instructions. They also talk about the importance of being creative in your wrestling style and how the sport can and should gain the same attention as major leagues.Timestamps:4:46 - Child first, wrestler second13:26 - Moves for different body types25:07 - Creative wrestling edge32:55 - The Clock Theory39:10 - Learn the proper order49:20 - Never start with the stance1:08:26 - Gaining popularity
  • EIWA Wrestler Of The Week - Chris Foca

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with the EIWA Wrestler of The Week, Chris Foca.Together, they discuss how mindset can change along with the shift in weight class, Wrestling better doesn't mean being an assassin, and how to deal with the pressure.Timestamps:1:31 - Season progress so far4:13 - Mindset at different weight classes5:15 - Have fun and wrestle better6:21 - Shutting out the pressure8:09 - Cornell puts mindset first
  • Best of The East Champion - Matty Lopes

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with 2x Best of The East Champion Matty Lopes.Together, they discuss dealing with a loaded schedule and finding time to prioritize recovery. How wrestling is a holistic sport, encompassing body, mind, and spirit. And what are the holdups people still have towards mindset training even though it's become widespread in the sport.Timestamps:2:13 - Pre-match routines4:07 - Loaded schedule5:27 - Prioritize recovery8:01 - Wrestling is a holistic sport11:25 - People's holdups on mindset training13:35 - Faith in wrestling
  • Big Ten Wrestler of The Week

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with the Big Ten Wrestler of The Week, John Poznanski.Together, they discuss what goes on in his head during a ranked match, what's the best way to get out of the bottom position in a match, and knowing how and when to appreciate the supportive fans and when to shut out all social distractions.Timestamps:0:56 - Thoughts going into ranked matches1:59 - Appreciating the supportive fans5:32 - Getting out of the bottom position8:00 - Season progress so far10:26 - The joy of wrestling at a home arena11:27 - Away game mindset
  • Parker Keckeisen's Mental Edge

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with NCAA All-American Parker Keckeisen.Together, they discuss his journey of learning to love wrestling, and how to constantly battle your nerves before a match. They also talk about the best mental reps to boost confidence, learning how to pull the trigger in every match, and how you can keep a level head once you accept that losing is just part of the game.Timestamps:0:38 - Learning to love wrestling4:50 - The constant battle of nerves8:16 - Accepting that losses are inevitable13:37 - Focus on making your next best move15:48 - Parker's best mental reps19:56 - How to pull the trigger in any match
  • Spencer Lee's Domination Mindset

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with National Champion Spencer Lee.Together, they discuss his personal recommendations to ease the pressure when it feels like too much and how the best matches usually require the least amount of thoughtTimestamps:1:38 - Donn Enrst's guidance3:23 - The ''One More Time'' Lesson4:35 - Dealing with pressure7:27 - Specer's recommendations to lighten the load11:19 - The best matches need the least amount of thought17:44 - The power of a theme song20:14 - Advice to keeping it fun24:04 - A strong foundation is key