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Wrestling is 95% Mental on Match Day

Are you ready for success? This week Wrestling Mindset founders Gene and Jeff Zannetti continue going through their best selling book, ''Developing the Predator Mindset''. This week is Chapter 1, Mindset Training for Success, where they break down long standing debates like the influence of spirit and mind in wrestling and should you work harder, smarter, or both.


0:26 - Gene reads chapter 1 of "Developing the Predator Mindset"

422 - How mental is wrestling?

13:00 - Spirit, Mind and Body

15:44 - Work harder or smarter?

17:23 - Can't outwork mental training

21:36 - Weight loss mindset

26:37 - Active Cords by Dr. Yessis

Developing the Predator Mindset (Amazon Book)

Active Cords by Dr. Michael Yessis

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  • Nino Bonaccorsi on Faith and Mindset

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with NCAA champion Nino Bonaccorsi.Together, they discuss how to wrestle through injuries, his transition from wrestling to coaching, and his humble mindset that working hard doesn't guarantee you anything.Timestamps:0:32 - Wrestling with injuries1:43 - ''You don't always have to win'' mindset5:00 - Tips for the younger self9:08 - Working hard doesn't guarantee anything11:10 - From wrestling to coaching13:35 - Chasing goals
  • Helen Maroulis World Championship Interview Breakdown

    Helen Maroulis won her 9th World Medal this week in Belgrade Serbia. Wrestling Mindset co-founder Gene Zannetti breaks down her interview after winning a bronze medal.Topics include:0:52 - Helen loves being nervous4:50 - Not performing well when too relaxed6:34 - Yerkes-Dodson Law of Arousal and Performance10:18 - Yerkes-Dodson Anxiety Graph16:44 - "You have to love the nerves and pressure"18:36 - Athletes burning out
  • Zain Retherford's World Championship Interview Breakdown

    Zain Retherford won his first World Title this week and Wrestling Mindset co-founder Gene Zannetti breaks down his interview after winning a gold medal.Topics include:VisualizationGratitudePenn StatePerspectiveVideo Review?Mental Resilience
  • World Champion Mindset

    Newly crowned World Champion Vito Arujau joins the podcast two days after winning his first senior world championship. Wrestling Mindset co-founder Gene Zannetti talks with Vito about his mindset before and during the World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.Timestamps:0:17 - Sport psychology interviews and visualization before Worlds1:45 - Vito began Sport Psych a year and a half ago3:20 - Inconsistency before mental training5:15 - What works best for Vito before and during a match9:46 - Vito reaction to trailing 7-7 late in his finals match11:50 - Vito match strategy15:11 - Advantages and Pressure of having a dad who is a 2x world champion19:54 - How Vito's dad helped him mentally22:55 - Weight plan for college season and Olympic Trials23:44 - Toughest part of winning a world title26:00 - How to approach a "big" tournament28:45 - Peaking for the championship match of a tournament
  • How Meyer Shapiro Built a World Champ Mindset

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with 2023 U20 World Champion, Meyer Shapiro.Together, they discuss competing for Cornell University, the need for positive self-talk, and the importance of having a reset phrase for those moments where the pressure becomes overwhelming.Timestamps:1:13 - Transitioning from freestyle3:20 - Mental and emotional development5:59 - Positive self-talk10:34 - Go-to reset phrase14:15 - Plans for the future
  • Vegas Mindset

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with Coach Chase Pami. Together, they discuss the best ways to properly evaluate a wrestler's capabilities beyond just the wins and losses, how even at your best, there is always room to change and improve, and they break down the struggles that all wrestlers deal with, from newcomers to high-level athletes.Timestamps:1:06 - Transition from training to coaching6:12 - Evaluating performance, not just wins9:06 - Same struggles on all levels13:48 - Change counts17:46 - Old vs. new ways
  • Andrew Alirez Mindset

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with National Champion Andrew Alirez.Together, they discuss how negative thoughts can creep up in even the best and most confident athletes, the importance of a solid routine before going into any match to prep you emotionally, and ultimately, how much you believe in yourself and your skills is what will lead you to greatness.Timestamps:0:37 - Reinforcing thoughts1:36 - How to wrestle someone you look up to3:00 - Visualize your greatness10:12 - The ultimate belief in yourself11:41 - Negative thoughts will creep up13:52 - Emotional prep routine
  • Hustle, Have Fun, and Compete

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with the coach of Detroit Catholic Central, the great Mitch Hancock.Together they discuss Hancock's unique ''hustle, have fun, and compete'' mindset, some underappreciated aspects of wrestling, and how faith and spirituality can be a driving force for developing young minds in wrestling and in life.Timestamps:5:29 - Developing minds through faith9:44 - Spirituality and Mindset11:36 - Hustle, have fun, and compete16:40 - Competing all the time18:10 - Underappreciated aspects of wrestling21:40 - The importance of rest and recovery
  • Wrestlers Not Doing What They Are Supposed to Do

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with the great wrestling Olympian Barry Davis.Together they discuss how you can trick your mind into dealing with pressure, the importance of doing the small things right, and how to help wrestlers understand they aren't defined by what they achieve but by who they are as individuals.Timestamps:0:41 - Greatness starts with the mind1:30 - If you want to win, do the small things right8:20 - Don't choke under pressure, trick your mind17:48 - Play your own mind games20:50 - What you do isn't who you are