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Newly crowned World Champion Vito Arujau joins the podcast two days after winning his first senior world championship. Wrestling Mindset co-founder Gene Zannetti talks with Vito about his mindset before and during the World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.


0:17 - Sport psychology interviews and visualization before Worlds

1:45 - Vito began Sport Psych a year and a half ago

3:20 - Inconsistency before mental training

5:15 - What works best for Vito before and during a match

9:46 - Vito reaction to trailing 7-7 late in his finals match

11:50 - Vito match strategy

15:11 - Advantages and Pressure of having a dad who is a 2x world champion

19:54 - How Vito's dad helped him mentally

22:55 - Weight plan for college season and Olympic Trials

23:44 - Toughest part of winning a world title

26:00 - How to approach a "big" tournament

28:45 - Peaking for the championship match of a tournament

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  • The Catalyst behind Yianni's Mindset Training

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti has a long talk with four-time NCAA Champion & Wrestling Mindset Partner Yianni Diakomihalis.Together, they discuss his relationship with his father and how psychological warfare helped build his resilience. The ordeal of going through injury, surgery, and a 13-month recovery. And how you can grow your mindset with little things like daily tasks, realizing when you're off, and understanding that you have to make sacrifices to be good.Timestamps:0:57 - Sacrifices needed to be good5:26 - Different needs for every wrestler7:33 - Building resilience with psychological warfare16:41 - Some days, you're just mad19:15 - The importance of daily tasks21:39 - Anybody can win any tournament one time27:48 - Don't let your attention get divided30:15 - The ordeal of an injury39:02 - Relaxed wrestling46:12 - It's not about being tough52:46 - Realizing when you're off
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  • Anthony Knox Commits to Cornell

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with Anthony Knox and talks about his special announcement.Together, they discuss his College Committment, how to stay grounded when you're at your best, and what's next as the season approaches.Timestamps:1:00 - Cornell4:34 - What's next5:01 - Thoughts approaching the season5:51 - How to stay grounded
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  • The Greater the Meaning, the Greater the Myles Amine

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with the great Myles Amine.Together, they break down specifics about performance psychology, how surrendering the outcome of every match can help you perform without pressure, and we put to rest a long-standing question. Do you have to be the perfect wrestler?Timestamps:2:40 - How to treat big events like any other match5:05 - Surrender the outcome9:48 - Do you have to be perfect? No!12:20 - Breaking down performance psychology16:14 - Filtering in the positives, not the negatives21:27- The beauty of journaling