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Mental Tips for Moms

This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti offers a special episode just for wrestling moms.

He gives helpful tips that can help moms relate more with their kids about wrestling. What to do and what not to do. How to show support and love without being overbearing. Knowing what to ask other parents and experts, and knowing who's advice to take. And what is the single most important message you should want to send your kids.


0:24 - Moms relating to wrestlers in the family

1:46 - Show unconditional love

3:00 - Effort, attitude, aggressiveness

6:24 - Focus on the present moment

11:24 - Ask friends, ask experts too

14:03 - Don't over parent

15:16 - The message you should want to send your kids

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  • Vito Not Competing in Olympic Trials

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with NCAA Champion, 61KG World Champion, and Wrestling Mindset Partner, Vito Arujau.Together, they discuss details about his decision to not compete in the upcoming Olympics Trials. They also touch on looking to the future, having no regrets in the season, and the hopes of wrestling full-time.Timestamps:0:38 - Decision to not compete in the Olympic Trials8:35 - No regrets in this past year11:48 - Descending weight classes14:35 - Looking to the future16:00 - Being done with college22:14 - Dream rematch
  • Overcoming the Fear of Failure with Austin Gomez

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with NCAA All-American, the great Austin Gomez.Together, they discuss prepping for the Olympics as part of Team Mexico, how important it is mentally to choose to have Faith instead of just accepting it out of pressure or guilt, and how having Faith helps to wrestle without fear.Timestamps:0:33 - Season rundown1:50 - Wrestling without fear3:50 - Choosing to have Faith7:36 - Transfers coming in to Michigan8:54 - Being on Team Mexico14:41 - Taking a break from Folkstyle18:45 - Prepping for the Olympics
  • Legends of the Mat: Jeff Buxton and Ernie Monaco Share Timeless Wisdom

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with two legends of the sportJeff Buxton is the head coach of the SKWC RTC, Team USA Mens Freestyle Coach, and owner/coach at Buxton Athletic Training Center. Previously he was the head coach of the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club and built the nation's powerhouse program Blair Academy. Ernie Monaco is the founder and owner of the Edge School of Wrestling, the first amateur wrestling school in the United States. He was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2022 and has coached some of the best wrestlers in America over the past 40 years. Edge Wrestling:Website- Monaco National Hall of Fame- Trained:Website- https://www.buxtonatc.comInstagram-
  • NCAA Recap

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti gives a recap of the NCAA Tournament.He talks about the impact the tournament has on young wrestlers and how their dreams are being determined, how faith can play a big role in keeping things in perspective, especially when under tournament stress, and Gene also gives his personal, maybe controversial, opinion on instant replays.Timestamps:1:32 - Are instant replays necessary2:46 - Refs with focus5:54 - Dreams are always being determined7:45 - Wrestling is a Christian sport9:00 - Faith helps keep things in perspective11:37 - The best wrestlers always score13:35 - Taking it to the next level
  • Olympic Trials Mindset with Jason Nolf

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with three-time US National champion and multiple-time international medalist, Jason Nolf.Together, they discuss what are the best methods for wrestlers to learn the best they can. At what age should kids start mindset training, and what are the first things they should be learning. Jason also shares tips on how to master moves methodically and why it's actually a good thing to be nervous before matches.Timestamps:6:07 - How wrestlers learn best8:50 - When to start the program11:38 - Kids learn so fast12:57 - The first things kids should be learning18:55 - Save energy by having good technique21:02 - Methodically master moves26:54 - Be nervous, it means you care
  • Preparing For Big Tens with John Poznanski

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with All-American & Wrestling Mindset Partner, John Poznanski.Together, they discuss how to deal with a concussion, how having an ''everything happens for a reason'' mindset can help with recovery, and how preseason and postseason practice differ + much more!Timestamps:1:05 - Concussions are not fun1:33 - Everything happens for a reason3:53 - Big Ten Tournament5:24 - Pre and postseason practice differences8:24 - The Treadsled10:46 - Creative workout routines13:34 - Wrestlers to watch in upcoming tournaments
  • Avenging Losses with Vito Arujau

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with the current reigning World Champion at 61kg and Wrestling Mindset Partner, Vito Arujau.Together, they discuss his mental routine and mindset going into rematches. How working backward for your goals actually puts things into perspective and keeps you focused. And how to stay standing during long matches when fatigue has kicked in.Timestamps:1:54 - Rematch Mindset4:57 - Vito's Mental Routine8:46 - Working backward puts things in perspective11:38 - Grit Day12:53 - How to stay standing when you're tired18:27 - Getting your weight down21:04 - Mental approach for the Olympic trials
  • Vougar on Vito's Documentary

    This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti sits down with Vito Arujau's first coach and father, Vougar Arujau.Together, they discuss Vito's first steps into wrestling, the differences between having multiple coaches compared to just one, and how important Vito's brother, Nick, was in his success.Timestamps:2:00 - The stress before every match6:57 - The difference of having multiple coaches13:15 - Vito's first steps into wrestling18:10 - Opinions on the Flow Wrestling documentary20:08 - Vito's brother's role in his success