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The Worst Idea Of All Time

Podcast in a Tree 2: 04

A beautiful day in Aotearoa finds Tim and Guy pondering some heavy questions. Can Pope Francis redeem the Catholic church? How is AI impacting primary education? What are those crystals that you get in certain kinds of honey? Thankfully, a delightful Guest on the Ground, Courtney Dawson, and an equally delightful edition of Drugs in a Tree help lift the mood. Plans are laid for a house band, Tim kills at the checkout aisle, and Guy reboots beloved season 1 segment Sandwich in a Tree with a season 2 twist (an almond croissant).

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  • Podcast in a Tree 2: 05

    It’s a sentimental episode of Podcast in a Tree as Tim and Guy consider, among others, the bygone era of reversible clothing, halcyon days of New Zealand radio, and lessons in fatherhood from the Supernanny. The prolific Matt Heath, under fire for his choice in wines, shows up to reminisce about his time at Radio Hauraki, getting death threats on commercial radio and shooting Tim in the face with a t-shirt cannon. The good old days. Guy puts a spin on series segment Almond Croissant in a Tree (a cinnamon breakfast croissant).
  • Family Time 9

    Papa Monty returns from a very busy few months hawkin’ comedy hither and thither, bringing with him a big ol’ sack of mail from YOU. Tim and Guy break in the new TWIOAT recording studio with a sampling of topics from seasons past, including Rob Schneider’s impending Auckland show, a star-studded Emmanuelle reboot, and the ever-looming presence of PB:MC2.Find video episodes and more on our Substack
  • Podcast in a Tree 2: 03

    The boys are feeling refreshed and reflective at the prospect of spending time together without having to watch a terrible movie for the umpteenth time. Guest on the Ground and notorious rowdy boy Ben MacGougan joins to discuss the merits of shoelessness, doing raunchy stand-up for an audience of nans and being drunk at the gym. Tim debuts a new segment called A Little Something for You. Guy presents a new take on an old favorite, Sandwich in a Tree (an almond croissant).Join our Substack for video episodes and early releases!
  • Podcast in a Tree 2: 02

    Peter Jackson. Interviews with comedians. The very premise of Podcast in a Tree. It’s episode 2 and everything is on the chopping block. With the boys content to rest on their laurels, it falls upon Guest on the Ground, Guy Williams, to shake things up. Tim, living up to his reputation as the holiest guy around, has A Little Something For You, while Guy drops a hot remix of a classic segment, Sandwich in a Tree (an almond croissant).Video episodes available on our Substack
  • Podcast In A Tree 2: 01

    As summer descends on Auckland, the local fauna shed their winter coats, pick up their lapel mics and return to the trees to record Season 2 of the number one podcast in a tree, Podcast in a Tree. Classic segments, like Drugs in a Tree, are joined by new favorites, like meditating on the aging process and its impact on butt tattoos. Tim plots to take down his local licensing board, while Guy presents a bold new variation on Sandwich in a Tree (an almond croissant).
  • Replay S01E53: The Worst Scripted Event of All Time

    Please enjoy this victory lap of Season One episodes as we celebrate 10 years of The Worst Idea of All Time. New episodes posting on our Substack.WorkJuice Presents: The Worst Scripted Event of All TimeBen Acker and Ben Blacker, creators of the Thrilling Adventure Hour, teamed up with Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, the creators/hosts of The Worst Idea of All Time podcast, in which the New Zealand-based comedians watched Grown Ups 2 every week for one year, to bring this one-of-a-kind live show to Los Angeles.After watching Grown Ups 2 for 50 weeks, Tim and Guy wrote their own version of the movie, with their own brain-addled commentary.Acker & Blacker produced this live read of that script starring The Thrilling Adventure Hour's WorkJuice Players Busy Philipps (Vice Principals) and Hal Lublin (We Got This), and TAH friends Kate Micucci (Garfunkel & Oates), Baron Vaughn (Grace & Frankie), Arden Myrin (MadTV), Mark McConville (Superego), Michael McMillian (True Blood), Jason Ritter (Parenthood), Humphrey Ker (Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher), and Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness).Jordan Katz and the Elements of Style, featuring Eric Kufs, perform the opening and closing music.Are you in LA? Do you want to see the WorkJuice Players live? You're in luck! On Friday, April 22nd, at 10pm at Largo at the Coronet, WorkJuice Presents: Sparks Nevada's "I'm from Earth" Day Special starring Marc Evan Jackson, Paul F. Tompkins, the WJ Players, and very special guests. Get your tickets now:
  • Replay S01E52: Finale?

    Please enjoy this victory lap of Season One episodes as we celebrate 10 years of The Worst Idea of All Time. New episodes posting on our Substack.Original Description:Guy and Tim have finally made it. It's the last viewing of Grown Ups 2, exactly one year after they started. Recorded live in front of a soldout CineFamily crowd on Sunset in Los Angeles, California. After a public viewing of the movie the lads have finally seen the backend of the movie. What ensues is an elated, nonsensical final romp through a film that's been a part of the boys' life for a long time. It's time to say goodbye.
  • Replay S01E51: Coyote

    Please enjoy this victory lap of Season One episodes as we celebrate 10 years of The Worst Idea of All Time. New episodes posting on our Substack.Original Description:Guy and Tim have taken their camper (thanks Jucy Rentals!) to Joshua National Park, California. It's late, it's isolated and the boys are getting a little freaky. In this episode, the movie appears to have taken a backseat to delightful stories ranging from childhood bike injuries to a very recent adult pant-crapping incident.We find out what happened to Patty's grandparents and hear some positive words about Braden's acting ability. We're having a WONDEFUL time.