The Worst Idea Of All Time


Introducing: Eye of the Duck

Do you love movies? Have you ever heard of an eye of the duck scene? Fans of filmmaker David Lynch may be familiar with the idea. Lynch says that a duck’s eye is like a little jewel. It’s in the perfect place, it’s the perfect shape, and a duck just wouldn’t be a duck without it. According to Lynch, every movie has a scene that defines the whole and exploring those scenes is what Eye of the Duck is all about.

Hosted by filmmakers and film enthusiasts Dom Nero and Adam Volerich, Eye of the Duck looks to movies far and wide for their most essential scenes. Remember the chest burster sequence in Alien? That sudden explosion of body horror says everything you need to know about the joltingly, scary 1979 space movie. It’s a classic Eye of the Duck, and there’s many more just like it.

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