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The Worst Idea Of All Time

17: Scar Tissue w/ David O'Doherty

Guy and Tim are joined by Irish comedian and bicycle-enthusiast, David O'Doherty. The former have ruined the latter’s day by making him watch Furious 7; a movie featuring the boy's first sighting of Paul Walker (as they watch the series in reverse order), the introduction of Kurt Russel to the franchise (when viewing in the correct order) and it also quite a lot of cars. The trio are yearning for unfettered cartoon physics and full-blown horniness to be inserted into the movie but sadly, it never cums. There is a sad revisit to the theory that all the characters of the Fast universe seem to be unkillable, and are therefore highly damaged, trapped demi-Gods unable to ever enjoy the sweet release of death. Incredible sports quotes and outrageously incorrect assertions about when Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park await your beautiful ears.

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  • AJLT S02E10 w/ Fern Brady

    The boys are joined by the fantastic Fern Brady! An And Just Like That tragic whose relationship with the series goes all the way back to the non-canonical (but apparently related) series, Sex and the City. Guy is moved by Aidan's tears, Charlotte stands up for herself and Steve is running a clam and beer shack on Coney Island (from which Guy claims to have bought a beer IRL). Fern and the boys also discuss the more technical side of Che's stand up comedy and Fern shares her theory on why she has a hard time immersing herself in the stories of Nya and Lisa.Intro theme: Brendan LordanOutro theme: SterlingSupport us via our Substack for access to premium content
  • Family Time 7

    Guy is in bed with the flu, Tim is about to embark on a thirty-hour journey with a two-year-old, but one thing takes precedence over all of that—family.We hear from Kris, a Wisconsinite who has reached out both in the present day and in the past, with a speculative fan theory about Fast X (written before the release of the actual movie). We then hear from Chris Marlton, one of our TWIOAT scholars who takes us on an illuminating and oftentimes hilarious (if you'll excuse our hubris) journey through his learnings from a FIFTH LISTEN THROUGH OF THE ENTIRETY OF THE PODCAST. Tim then shares a story of new knives and the noble security person from Queenstown Airport who helped him avoid a confiscation.Support us via our Substack for access to premium content
  • AJLT S02E09

    Miranda is worried about her son Brady because he is getting really good at making French fries, and the boys have reason to suspect he is rediscovering his true identity. In fact, his rediscovery of rats may even be the reason behind his romantic tryst with Lily (of Charlotte and Runkle fame), and before the end of the season, we just might see the ascendance of a new Rat Queen. Che Diaz is getting back into stand up, Herbert Wexley is showing his true colours, and while we still have time, Tim ranks the core characters in the...And Just Like That universe from most to least likeable: the results WILL NOT SHOCK YOU. We also run unnecessarily biological (yet still unlikely) analysis on a surfer dude's penis. And Tim curses (by saying Crud).Intro theme: Brendan LordanOutro theme: SterlingSupport us via our Substack for access to premium content
  • AJLT S02E08

    A bizarre, tension-free episode for Carrie and Aiden as they movie into Che's apartment after a five day fuck festival at some poor hotel. Speaking of Che, Tim's happy to see them and even dreams of watching a sitcom where Che balances their stand-up aspirations with a burgeoning veterinary career. This leads to a reflection on when—while pursuing a career in the arts—is the right time to turn in and admit defeat. Anthony is making homophobic firings while fielding bread calls on a French stick, and the introduction of a sartorial delight named Elliot delights both boys.Intro theme: Brendan LordanOutro theme: SterlingSupport us via our Substack for access to premium content
  • AJLT S02E07 w/ Chris Parker

    Guy and Tim are joined by friend of the podcast AND friend of the gals, Chris Parker! Not only a dedicated fan of the non-canonical Sex and the City franchise but also a man who worships at the altar of Sarah Jessica Parker’s portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw.While the show continues apace (with the reintroduction of Aidan!!!) Chris discusses his teenage years trying to sneak an episode of the show in after bedtime and his ideal day in Auckland with SJP. The boys also imagine a spin-off focusing exclusively on Anthony and the Hot Fellas bakery boys. Tim worries for the objectification of an Italian man with an enormous dick and everyone remembers a store in the Riccarton Mall called Granny Mays.Intro theme: Brendan LordanOutro theme: SterlingSupport us via our Substack for access to premium content
  • AJLT S02E06 w/ Greg Davies

    In this week's episode of the show, the gals are inexplicably joined by a Bomb Cyclone! While in this week's episode of the podcast Tim and Guy are inexplicably joined by comedy titan, Greg Davies! Greg runs the lads through his discovery of and relationship to Sex and the City, with some surprising similarities to themselves. This conversation covers Greg's genuine disappointment at the show finding its feet, the exciting possibilities of a Che Diaz spinoff, some fascinating visual choices in how to represent a snow storm in Manhattan and why Herbert Wexley may be emerging as the season's villain. There is also a food comparison and much discussion as to how and why ‘And Just Like That…’ is like an occasionally delicious but wholly unpredictable, ever changing sandwich.Intro theme: Brendan LottOutro theme: SterlingSupport us via our Substack for access to premium content
  • AJLT S02E05

    The boys are pulling from every piece of pop culture under the sun in this episode, a celebration of creativity but more importantly, the success of... And Just Like That as a show that has found its feet! After wading through an appraisal of Elton John as a musician (and an imagining of the sad day in which he dies), Guy spotlights the fantastic musical choices that have carried the show through the season so far. The looming failure of Che's sitcom hangs over the podcast, how do we feel about a character that Guy has been rooting against, finally brushing up against failure. Tim even flits with earnestness, as he states his case that the show is doing a good job of analysing minority representation in television. We've got penis pumps, vibrators and a congratulations for Mattress Pikelet.Intro theme: Brendan LottOutro theme: SterlingSupport us via our Substack for access to premium content
  • AJLT S02E04

    After the disappointment of a middling third episode, the boys are back and more importantly, so is the momentum of And Just Like That. Steve is back, Harry can't cum, and Miranda bails out of a threesome. Bitsy von Muffling - a character given to us in an act of great generosity by Mattress Pikelet King swans through the episode with insane energy and a storyline altering dick pic.Cameos by Candice Bergen and Gloria Steinem add an impressive gravitas and the show goes meta in its analysis of ageism.See the video episodes, bonus content and support the boiz here:
  • AJLT S2E03

    Miranda is struggling with her phone and her relationship with her son, just as Tim and Guy are struggling with their relationship to AJLT Season 2. Brady The Rat King is back on the scene and we need to discuss how his story mirrors Prince Harry’s. After all - nobody wants to f*** someone who USED to be the Rat King. Seema has a full narrative arc about her expensive bag being stolen and then returned to her.Intro theme: Brendan Lott ( theme: SterlingSupport us via our Substack for access to premium content