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The Marketing Power of Choosing a Niche

Season 1, Ep. 8

In this episode, Matt sits down with Jon Morrison, a seasoned entrepreneur who shares his journey from being a generalist marketer to finding success in a niche market. Discover the advantages of having a clear niche, the benefits of simplicity and scalability.

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  • 9. When to Break The Rules of Storybrand

    Today, we’re breaking the rules and discussing when it’s necessary to challenge conventional marketing wisdom. Paige, with her knack for thinking outside the box, is the perfect person to guide us through this exciting topic.With her expertise as a marketing and messaging strategist, she empowers businesses that genuinely care about their customers to sell without resorting to sleazy tactics or bro marketing. Paige’s mission is clear: she aims to eliminate ickiness from the marketing world one client at a time.Join us for an engaging conversation filled with insights, unconventional wisdom, and a dash of rule-breaking.Connect with Paige:
  • 7. Worst Case Scenarios in Marketing

    We're joined by Nathan Riches, a former StoryBrand guide with a deep understanding of StoryBrand and its impact on businesses. Nathan shares his insights on how applying StoryBrand can transform businesses, both for better and worse.In this captivating conversation, we explore worst-case scenarios and the lessons they teach us. Matt, our host, engages Nathan in a thought-provoking discussion about the importance of business transformation when implementing StoryBrand messaging. They touch on various aspects, including the need for a shift in service delivery, the distinction between being the hero and the guide, and the potential impact on business models and personnel.Connect with Nathan:
  • 6. Storybrand Framework for Lawyers

    In this episode, host Matt is joined by Benji Albrecht, a seasoned story brand guide specializing in working with lawyers and law firms. Together, they delve into the fascinating world of legal marketing and discuss the practical applications of StoryBrand in this unique context.Connect with:
  • 5. Storybrand for Realtors

    Real estate agents are a natural fit for StoryBrand. Why? Because they’re already used to building their own brand. Their typical clients want to work with THEM not with whatever the sign says hanging outside.We had a recent discussion with Royce King, StoryBrand Guide and marketer, who specializes in helping Real estate agents find their StoryBrand voice to define their audience, set expectations, and ultimately get more leads. Tune in to learn why.Connect with Royce:Linkedin:
  • 4. Storybrand for Tech Companies

    Tech companies might not feel like the most natural fit for storybrand. After all, how do metrics, UI, and cutting-edge tech mesh with the human-centric marketing of Business Made Simple? The answer, it turns out, is through shared goals and a common link in UI. Matt Banker was able to sit down and interview Kelly Sjol, the founder of Storify Marketing, and a StoryBrand guide that primarily works with B2B and tech companies. So how DO businesses in the tech space utilize StoryBrand in their marketing? Let’s seeConnect with Kelly:
  • 3. Implementing StoryBrand for Complex Businesses

    StoryBrand is a great framework because it works with nearly every industry, but what happens when you’re trying to create StoryBrand for B2B businesses – who often have smart people on BOTH sides of the marketing equation? That’s the question we posed to Josh Brammer, owner of Lantern Marketing, who has extensive experience marketing to B2B service providersConnect with Josh:
  • 2. Implementing Storybrand for a Manufacturing Business

    There are tons of successful manufacturing companies that have built their business on the backs of a great, old-school sales team. The problem is, when they are ready to implement modern marketing strategies, that sales-lead focus can be an impediment. On this episode we talk with David Lillard about how manufacturing companies can better implement the Storybrand framework in their marketing and start see results from their efforts.Find David at and find us at Banker Creative for Storybrand web design.
  • 1. Implementing Storybrand for Artists & Creatives

    Artists and creatives of all types run into some common issues when they try to implement Storybrand principles for themselves or their organizations. Annie Schiffman is an improv-comedian turned marketer who helps folks in the creative world be better marketers. We discuss how it starts with a mindset shift, and how artists can get better at seeing themselves as a business that deserves to make money and much more.Connect with Annie on Twitter (@annieschiff) or on her website ( Matt on LinkedIn ( and at (