Word In Your Ear


The horror, the horror! Why you MUST see the new Woodstock ’99 documentary

Ep. 466

In bold and vigorous pursuit of entertainment we steer via the following topics …


… Thora Hird with a rifle.


… acts who wrote rejected songs for Bond movies.


… the legend of Van Duren.


… hilariously awful revelations about the private plane use of Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg etc on @CelebJets.  


… is pop music now largely about an old thing re-discovered?


… the late Judith Durham of the Seekers and other great ‘stirring’ voices of our time.


… a record we haven’t played for 44 years.


… Beyoncé and her re-written lyric (and can it really need 25 people to write a song?).


… exploding gas cylinders, toppled lighting towers, mass arson and looting, State troopers … the new Netflix three-part doc ‘Trainwreck: Woodstock 99’, the gripping – genuinely shocking – chronicle of one of the lowest points in entertainment history.


… and BJ Cole in an ale shop.

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