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Jeff Beck “had a boom-tish anecdote about every step of his life”

Ep. 495
Our old pal from Word magazine Kate Mossman adored Jeff Beck and the whole range of his recordings and interviewed him recently for the New Statesman. This pod features the outlandish techniques he developed, his cars and Afghan hounds, his “six wives”, his unchanging look (with occasion detours into “satin leggings and boxing boots”), the “Clapton is God” myth, his job offer from the Stones, falling out with the Yardbirds and the Jeff Beck Group, great musical ventures and occasional lapses of taste (like the recent tour with Johnny Depp). And our love of Hi Ho Silver Lining which he hated so much he said it was like “having a pink toilet seat hung around your neck for the rest of your life”. Plus …… the chillingly strange life of Lisa Marie Presley - “opulent neglect” - and her four marriages.… best-ever B-sides (suggested by birthday patron Roger Millington who went for ‘Paris France’ by the Red Guitars). The greatest B-sides never appeared anywhere else “and were like secret messages to the hardcore fans” - eg the Stones’ The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man and the Spider And the Fly. Honourable mentions for Yes It Is, This Boy and You Know My Name (Look Up The Number). … the White Lotus and that fabulous Jennifer Coolidge Golden Globes speech. … what would you do if you were the new Radio 3 boss? … haircut and knitwear issues in ‘the Banshees of Inisherin’. … Peter Sellers in Only Two Can Play. Plus birthday patron Paul Knox joins us with theories about impact of the Incredible String on the Beatles and the sad, mysterious tale of the disappearance of Licorice McKechnie.  Kate Mossman in the New Statesmanhttps://www.newstatesman.com/culture/music-theatre/2023/01/jeff-beck-interview-tribute-guitar-hero The Yardbirds on Shindig!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn6q_jcc0uo And on the Milton Berle Show, 1966https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oNDXsIulXwGrab your EXCLUSIVE NordVPN Deal by going to https://nordvpn.com/yourear to get up a Huge Discount off your NordVPN Plan + 4 months for free! It’s completely risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

Tony King – friend, adviser and confidante: you can see why the Beatles, Stones and Elton thought he was the best company imaginable

Ep. 494
Tony King was there when it all started, working for Decca in the late ‘50s, plugging records on Housewives’ Choice and Family Favourites and looking after visiting Americans like the Ronettes, Roy Orbison and Phil Spector. He went on to become a close friend of many of the acts he worked with and his memoir ‘The Tastemaker’ is full of wonderful tales and revelations about all of them. As is this podcast which includes … … the day Reg Dwight changed his name (and getting him session work with the Barron Knights). … wearing “lime green trousers, blue moccasins and a kaftan” at the Beatles’ One World broadcast. … the weekend with George and Pattie Harrison in Esher when the Daily Express turned up to tell them McCartney had admitted he’d taken acid. … taking Brenda Lee to the pictures. … holidays with Charlie Watts in France and memories of his wake. … why he used to ring Elton up and ask, “what’s the weather like there, Jean?”  … seeing the Stones at the Scene club with Chrissie Shrimpton. … the advice he gave John Lennon (and getting him on the Old Grey Whistle Test) … and the qualities all stars need to be successful.  Buy ‘The Tastemaker: My Life With The Legends and Geniuses of Rock Music’ here …https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tastemaker-Life-Legends-Geniuses-Music/dp/0571371930 Tony dressed as the Queen in an ad for John Lennon’s Mind Games album …https://www.facebook.com/johnlennon/videos/mind-games-advert/1009681682383878/Subscribe to Word In Your Ear on Patreon for a whole world of extra and exclusive content, benefits and rewards: https://www.patreon.com/wordinyourear

The transformational role of the bus in ‘60s pop: discuss!

Ep. 492
Things explored this week in pursuit of entertainment and diversion … … Neil Tennant interviews Malcolm McLaren and other delights in Smash Hits, January 1983. … “there’s no such thing as a finished record!” … the link between Cliff & the Shadows and the Merry Pranksters. … a touching interview with Jim Morrison’s father and sister about the son/brother who cut them off completely - plus would Jim Morrison have made it in the age of social media? … pop stars’ school reports. … when did the ‘60s turn from black and white to colour?   … and when did people start talking about old records as if they were like old books - “first pressings”, “imprints”? … Muriel’s Wedding, Priscilla Queen Of the Desert, Strictly Ballroom and the return of Abba. … the pure unalloyed joy of rubbing a shrink-wrapped box-set against your cheek.… Jack Charlton’s high-rolling £100 spending spree. … guess the ‘80s fan club from its address!… and birthday guest Sandra Austin.  Smash Hits Jan 1983 …https://worldradiohistory.com/UK/Smash-Hits/1983/Smash-Hits-1983-01-06.pdf  Jim Morrison’ father and sister …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz63-q8otYMSubscribe to Word In Your Ear on Patreon to receive every future Word Podcast before the rest of the world, alongside a whole host of extra and exclusive content, benefits and rewards: https://www.patreon.com/wordinyourear

The things rock made us wear

Ep. 490
Army greatcoats, plastic trousers, cowboy boots, scoop-neck t-shirts with bell sleeves … the list of laughable clobber and accessories we briefly thought were acceptable because rock stars wore them is delightfully long and shameful.Also in the crosshairs this week …… the rudest line the Beatles ever wrote. … Randy Newman – ‘the poet of the unworthy thought’.… do bands with comic lyrics get the credit they deserve?… a double Stackwaddy: real or invented Christmas singles.… falling though a wormhole in time into a copy of the NME from February 1969: “The age of Supergroups! – set band members will be a thing of the past” – Klaus Voormann.… “These days no two of us are on the same stream.” What we learn from discovering music separately.  … Dead Eyes: the Tom Hanks’ comment that sparked a three-series podcast.… why scat-singing brings us out in hives.… the magic of Seinfeld – ‘four shallow self-obsessed people’ in a world where there’s ‘no growing and no hugging’.… why you should listen to Joachim Cooder’ Over That Road I'm Bound: The Songs of Uncle Dave Macon.… and what birthday guest John Innes learnt from re-listening to his entire music collection in chronological order – and the bands he decided to abandon.Subscribe to Word In Your Ear on Patreon and receive every future Word Podcast before the rest of the world, alongside a whole heap of extra and exclusive content, benefits and rewards: https://www.patreon.com/wordinyourear