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How to Pitch in Business

Season 1, Ep. 29
This week on Women Who Rebrand, it’s bring your partner to work day, and the ladies find out if Sareta really knows what her husband actually does at work! They talk to Danny Fontaine, Creative Director at IBM by day and Pitch Guy by…erm, outside the hours of 9-5. Danny is a storyteller – he creates compelling stories that build emotional connections with an audience to sell products and services.Through the use of psychology, Danny explains that pitching is the same whether it’s done by a large corporation for millions of pounds worth of business or an individual who is touting themselves as qualified to sit on a panel discussion with a bunch of Instagram influencers.Topics discussed during this episode:Why storytelling is so crucial when developing a pitch.How to create an emotional connection with your audience.The importance of injecting your personality into your pitch.Be one step ahead of your audience and tell people what they want to hear.How to talk about the money without underselling yourself and your product.Knowing your value and walking away.This threesome (in the most platonic sense) talks about championing women in the workplace and recruiting a diverse workforce. They share opinions and experiences around tokenism, quotas and ways to build a genuinely diverse candidate pool from which the best-qualified person gets the job.Danny’s advice? Tell stories by delivering emotion first and information second. Listen to the episode to discover how creating the perfect pitch and Toy Story are connected.

The Stages of Menopause

Season 1, Ep. 28
In this week's episode, Sareta and Chioma talk to fashion creative, menopause aficionado and general carefree, Black woman Karen Arthur.You may know Karen through her podcast Menopause Whilst Black. You could have seen her campaigning alongside Davina McCall, Mariella Frostrup and Lisa Snowdon outside the Houses of Parliament. Perhaps you've seen her modelling for Specsavers on giant billboards? Either way, you'll know even more about Karen after this episode of Women Who Rebrand.Karen's recent experience of transitioning from peri to post-menopause has enabled her to live her best life, let go of her scarcity mindset and recognise what she brings to the table. It has helped her realise that "no is a complete sentence". Rather than being the worst time of her life, it has empowered her, and Chioma and Sareta love it! Dare they say, they may even be a little bit excited to begin their own menopause journeys…Topics discussed during this episode:Becoming a grandmother and letting go.The different stages of menopause.The various ways menopause can manifest and the fact that there is no universal experience.The lack of research into menopause and what this means for those who go through it.The health and medical inequalities that impact Black people going through menopause.Supporting yourself through menopause, medically, physically and emotionally.Giving 'zero fux' after menopause.Menopause activism.The recent trend of becoming "menopause-friendly" employers.Head to the blog to read more about Karen -https://saretafontaine.com/women-who-rebrand-podcast/Follow Karen on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TheKarenArthurhttps://www.instagram.com/MenopauseWhilstBlackJoin the 'Women Who Rebrand' community on Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/womenrebranded/

Culture, Diversity & Ethics in Fashion

Season 1, Ep. 27
This week, Sareta and Chioma speak to *deep breath* Arab-descended, Sicily-born, Belgium-raised, London-living (via Los Angeles), Award-Winning Designer, Creative Director, Fashion Stylist and Magazine Editor-In-Chief - Francesca Marotta. A proud, indigenous woman of the world, Francesca personifies passion.Since falling in love with the sewing machine as a very young girl, Francesca has expressed herself through fashion. Self-employed from 18, her work has been published in magazines on every continent (apart from the North Pole!)A civil rights activist from the age of 9, Francesca's experiences of discrimination have framed her worldview and led to her keeping social justice and professional integrity at the forefront of her ethos.Topics discussed during this episode:White privilege.Diversity, inclusion and representation in fashion.The pressures on women, especially mothers and female carers, in the male-dominated fashion industry.'Fashion as art' and not just clothing.'Fashion as a form of modern-day slavery.Fame & empire-building vs integrity.Investing in yourself.Never one to miss an opportunity to discuss Love Island, Chioma asks whether the TV show's decision to ditch fast fashion sponsorship in favour of a second-hand cast wardrobe from eBay. Is it a genuine step in the right direction or just a case of greenwashing?Based on Francesca's extensive experience, she shares advice for anyone thinking about building a career in fashion – "take no sh*t and believe in yourself."Head to the blog to read more about Francesca -Women Who Rebrand - Episode 27 Follow Francesca's work on Instagram: @francescamarottaofficial and on her website:francescamarotta.comRead her magazine, Zion Zane - zionzane.com and catch exclusive edits on Instagram @zion.zaneFollow 'Women Who Rebrand' on Instagram -@womenrebranded

Thinking of Becoming an Expat?

Season 1, Ep. 26
Thinking of Becoming an Expat with Jessica DeekerIn this week's episode, your hosts discover the difference between being an expat and an immigrant. Jessica Deeker, Cornwall-born social media and brand manager, joins us to discuss her career in Grenada.After deciding to turn a holiday into a new, slower-paced life in the Caribbean, Jessica said "yes" when friends asked her to set up an ice cream parlour. - Yes, it was that random! She then spotted a gap in the market and, without any previous professional experience, founded what is now a successful social media marketing and influencer agency. The agency has grown, and Jessica now has a team working with her.Jessica explains to Sareta and Chioma why it was so important to be open to opportunities and not overthink things too much.Topics discussed during this episode:The upsides of moving out of London.A day in the life of a social media manager in Grenada.Building a reputation in a new market and opening the door for others.The legal side of living and working abroad.British expats and their "tea problem."Creating a community and support system, both online and in real life.The ladies discuss a recent British Corner Shop research on shopping items British expats can't live without – in line with the current Platinum Jubilee theme, tea and scones are high up on Jessica's list. Jessica also gives some helpful and practical advice to anyone thinking of becoming an expat.Head to the blog to read more about Jessica - saretafontaine.com/becoming-an-expatFollow Jessica's work on Instagram instagram.com/dkr.brandingFollow 'Women Who Rebrand' on Instagram -instagram.com/womenrebranded

Life After Breast Cancer

Season 1, Ep. 25
In this week's episode, Chioma and Sareta talk to writer, business owner and breast cancer advocate Carly Moosah. Carly co-founded the hugely successfulKeep 'Em Quietwith her husband a few years ago after noticing a gap in the market for non-digital entertainment packs to keep children occupied during long journeys and "boring" events or just as gifts. Since then, she has become a breast cancer survivor, openly documenting her journey through and beyond her breast cancer diagnosis on Instagram. She has also started to forge a new career as a wellness coach.With three generations of breast cancer diagnoses in her family, Carly has been able to utilise her own personal experience and her expertise as a writer and a former talent agent to build a powerful brand as a breast cancer advocate. Her posts are informative, often raw, but always joyful.Topics discussed during this episode:We should never feel like we're wasting our doctor's time by getting our breasts checked out.The BRCA1 gene mutation and the importance of pushing for screening, especially among Ashkenazi Jewish and African communities.The difference between primary and secondary breast cancer.Coping with lymphoedema after cancer treatment.Life after cancer as a cancer advocate.The power of inclusivity and representation in breast cancer awareness.The pros and cons of the marketing shift in cancer awareness apparel, with fewer celebrities or influencers and more people with the experience of cancer featuring in the advertising.Carly also breaks down exactly how we should all be regularly checking ourselves for the signs and symptoms of breast cancer via a handy guide from breast cancer charity,CoppaFeel!Sareta and Chioma admire how Carly delivers her message with authenticity and joy. They also patiently await the launch of Carly's T-shirt range featuring the slogan she coined, "Less fear, more fierce". No pressure, Carly… Thank you for opening your throat chakra and being so generous in sharing so much with us.Find out more about Carly's journey on our blog - LIFE AFTER BREAST CANCER WITH CARLY MOOSAH. EP25 Follow Carly's journey beyond breast cancer on Instagram: @carlymoosahGrab yourself a children's activity pack from Keep' Em Quiet atkeepemquiet.comFollow 'Women Who Rebrand' on Instagram -@womenrebranded/

Balance Your Hormones and Have Better Periods

Season 1, Ep. 24
In this week's episode, Sareta and Chioma talk to Le'Nise Brothers, author, podcaster, yoga teacher and registered nutritionist specialising in women's health, hormones and the menstrual cycle.Le'Nise tells the ladies about the journey from her successful but demanding, sexy career in marketing and advertising to becoming a mother and deciding to do things on her terms. She retrained as a nutritionist and yoga instructor to build a career that could work around her family, leading to everything she is doing today. Her current path may seem a million miles away from where she started. Still, we acknowledge that her skills have been transferable and continue to support her in her career journey.Her podcast,Period Story podcast, features a guest each episode who recollects and shares the memory of their first period. Do you remember your first period?In "You Can Have A Better Period", Le'Nise, very helpfully, takes us through each menstrual cycle phase, including clear and practical nutrition and lifestyle changes. Her message is clear- periods do not have to be painful, emotional or messy. But did you also know that your period is an indicator of the health status of your body?Topics discussed during this episode:Knowing if you're pooping correctly (it's not TMI, it's necessary).The different types of hormones and their impact on our menstrual cycle.Understanding our menstrual cycles and how to operate within themIs there any such thing as a "normal period"?Diet and periodsThe effect of contraception on our menstrual cycle.Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Fibroids.Meat and the menstrual cycle.Le'Nise provides some advice for those who are suffering through their periods but not getting the medical help they would like.Thank you for sharing your rebrand journey and your wealth of experience, Le'Nise. So much food for thought…Head to the blog to read more about Le'Nise - saretafontaine.com/balance-your-hormones-and-have-better-periodsFollow Le'Nise on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eatlovemove and visit her website to access the podcast, blog and even some free gifts: https://eatlovemove.com/Follow 'Women Who Rebrand' on Instagram -@WomenRebranded

So, You're Thinking About Becoming a Vegan?

Season 1, Ep. 23
Episode 23: So, you're thinking about becoming a vegan…? With Tomi MakanjuolaIn this week's episode, and in a nod to National Vegetarian Week in the UK, Chioma and Sareta speak to vegan chef Tomi Makanjuola, aka The Vegan Nigerian. (Sidenote: While the hosts are aware that being a vegan and a vegetarian are not the same thing, as Sareta says, "they sit under the same umbrella".Tomi grew up as part of a meat-loving family in Lagos, Nigeria. During this time, she developed her love for food and the making thereof. Fast forward a few years to living in France, another meat-obsessed part of the world, during her early twenties. Tomi had a dietary epiphany after realising meat's effect on her health and energy levels. Overnight, she became The Vegan Nigerian and has never looked back.Not only does Tomi post her mouth-watering creations on her Instagram page, but they can also be found on her blog and on YouTube. It doesn't stop there – she has two cookbooks, "Vegan Nigerian Kitchen" and "The Plantain Cookbook". They showcase how easy it is to incorporate veganism into our diets.Topics discussed during this episode:The differences between being plant-based and being a vegan.The different shades of veganism – they are not a monolith!Challenges of recreating Nigerian meals minus the meat.Getting creative with deserts in West African cuisine.The politics of meat substitutes.Allergies and intolerances.The many ways to (say and) enjoy plantain.Making Vegan school dinner options compulsory in schools.Advice on where to start in the journey towards becoming a vegan.Tomi's advice is not to focus on perfection and take it easy on yourself if you're thinking about transitioning. So, while they may not be becoming vegans this week, they will be making plantain pancakes – Mmmmm…Thank you, Tomi, for making our mouths water and making veganism such an accessible and tasty option.Join them each week for a new episode wherever you catch your podcasts (and while you're there, subscribe too!).Head to the blog to read more about Tomi -https://saretafontaine.com/thinking-about-becoming-a-vegan/Follow Tomi on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vegannigerianFor recipes and videos, visit: http://www.vegannigerian.comFollow 'Women Who Rebrand' on Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/womenrebranded/

When to Leave a Relationship and Move On

Season 1, Ep. 22
T/W: this episode contains discussions of domestic abuseIn this week's episode, Sareta and Chioma talk to Sunday Times best-selling author and OK Magazine columnist @LalalaLetMeExplain. Known as "Lala" for short, she is the anonymous relationships expert. She delves into the highs and lows of modern-day dating to give raw and honest advice on topics that people are often too embarrassed or afraid to discuss.Lala wrote Block, Delete & Move On in 2018, in which she shares all the information, tips and knowledge she wishes her former self had before dating; in her own words, dating "time-wasting wallies"! Cosmopolitan Magazine described it as the book "everyone currently on the dating scene needs to read…right now."Women Who Rebrand say that everyone who has, is and will ever date needs to read this book! The ladiesTopics discussed during this episode:The challenges and benefits of doing social media and writing a book while maintaining anonymityCis f*ckboys and how to avoid themAccessing therapy, especially talking therapiesRecognising, acknowledging and acting on dating and relationship red flagsThe perils of using online dating apps without intentionDating later in life or after the break-up of a long-term relationshipIs it ever a good thing to issue your partner an ultimatum?Celebrity trial by media - Johnny Depp Vs Amber HeardLala also advises those who have had the strength to block, and delete, but still struggle to let go.Chioma and Sareta love the way Lala delivers her perspective in such a clever, humorous and well-informed way, and they know you will too. Listen and learn! "Women Who Rebrand" is a podcast with honest and humorous conversations about the natural and individual transitional phases people experience to grow, start over or ''rebrand'' to become their most authentic selves.The show is hosted by former ''Mummy Bloggers" Sareta Fontaine and Chioma Olaleye and guest featuring professional ''rebranders''.Join them each week for a new episode wherever you catch your podcasts (and while you're there, subscribe too!).Head to the blog to read more about Lala - saretafontaine.com/relationship-lalalalemeexplainFollow Lala on Instagram:@lalalaletmeexplainIf You’ve been affected by any of this podcasts topics, take a look at the following resources- Black Minds Matter UK and Talking therapies.

The Importance of Choosing Yourself

Season 1, Ep. 21
This week, Chioma and Sareta talked to Tamu Thomas, founder of Live Three Sixty. She's a well-being Coach, qualified Social Worker & Somatic Coach. She helps over-functioning, highly ambitious women tune in to how powerful they are. Tamu supports her clients so they can begin to create systems of care for themselves and avoid rinsing themselves out. If you don't already, get your favourite pen and your prettiest notebook because you will want to take some notes during this episode of Women Who Rebrand!The ladies talk about Tamu's life journey and how, even if it didn't feel like it initially, her experiences led her to where she is now. She has always been a gatherer of people, bringing them together and organising events, from her school days, nay, nursery days! Formally, she ran a Brunch Club, where women in the creative industries could come together and discuss in a supportive environment. There was also Motherhood Reconstructed, with one of our previous guests - Leah Samuel, where Black mothers could come together and share experiences. She has been connecting people, from seemingly different and incompatible groups, for years. Nothing has been an accident; everything happens for a reason!Tamu describes herself as the 'Purveyor of Joy'; she explains joy as a settled state of confidence, contentment and hope. Her theory helps us see how prioritising yourself and setting boundaries can ensure that your happiness is protected. She begs us to give ourselves a break and show ourselves some compassion."I can't choose you above me…if it starts to feel like a pair of 'too tight' skinny jeans, I'm out of there!""Women Who Rebrand" is a podcast with honest and humorous conversations all about the natural and individual transitional phases people experience to grow, start over or ‘rebrand’ to become their most authentic selves. Hosted by former ‘Mummy Bloggers’ Sareta Fontaine and Chioma Olaleye and guest featuring professional ‘rebranders’.Join them each Monday for a new episode, wherever you catch your podcasts (and while you're there, subscribe too!).Head to the blog to read more about Tamu, her career based rebrand and Live Three Sixty - saretafontaine.com/choosing-yourself-live-three-sixtyFind out how you can join Tamu’s beautiful eco-system over at livethreesixty.comFollow Live Three Sixty on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Substack, Pinterest and LinkedIn, but mainly on Instagram because that’s where Tamu hangs out the most 😉'Women Who Rebrand' on Instagram - @womenrebranded