Woman Up

A podcast by, for, and about, women.

Woman up is a podcast presented by Hazel Katherine Larkin.It focuses on women, particularly women who are minoritized, and issues that affect them.

Woman Up!

Season 1, Ep. 6
Delphine is a psychotherapist, psycho-spiritual coach and intuitive guide.  She works with adults one-to-one, and facilitates online women's circles and corporate workshops, on themes related to embodied mindfulness, consciousness, personal development and self-care for authentic, creative living. She especially enjoys working with empathic, intuitive women on alchemising fear and self-doubt into deeper self-trust.So they can follow their true desires and inner knowing, and feel free to enjoy life on their own terms - be it in their key relationships, their work, public communications or creations.Delphine was raised bilingual in English and French. She has lived and worked in different countries and has extensive experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds, as a therapist, coach, consultant, caseworker, volunteer, trainer and facilitator. With a background in communications, and over twelve years in advocacy and social justice work in Ireland, including migration, children’s rights, women’s rights and mental health, Delphine brings an understanding of systemic inequalities and socio-cultural factors to her work.She is passionate about supporting people to develop the inner resources and resilience to express their authentic voice and true potential, and to achieve positive change in their personal lives and communities.Connect with Delphine:www.embodymytruth.comJoin the 'Inner Oracle Sanctuary' free FB Group: free resources: Purchase self-study course: 'Disarming your Inner Critic': Listeners to the podcast can avail of a 10% discount by entering the code Womanup at the checkout.  

Joy Tendai Kangere

Season 1, Ep. 5
This week, on Woman Up!, I'm joined by Joy-Tendai Kengere.Originally from Zimbabwe, Joy-Tendai arrived in Ireland at the beginning of this century, lured by the shiny promises of the Celtic Tiger. She was hopeful that - given this nation's experience of colonialism - there would be a rejection of racism here. Of course, she was wrong. Within weeks of arriving, she was told to go back where she came from, and she found it very difficult to secure employment that made use of education, skills, and talents. Joy-Tendai, however, is nothing if not tenacious.As the mother of two young children, she returned to education, completing her BL at UCD. Afterwards, having been awarded the prestigious Denham Scholarship, she trained as a barrister at King's Inns. She has just been appointed as a lecturer at UCD. In addition, she is a passionate advocate for life-long learning and was formerly on the board of Aontas. Joy-Tendai also writes for the Irish Independent:, she has also experienced very traumatic losses in her life. Her father died when she was still in her teens, and her last baby died shortly after birth in 2013 - an event that nearly cost Joy-Tendai her own life. As October is Baby Loss and Awareness Month, we spoke a bit about that experience as well. If you would like to access support around the issue of baby loss, please contact Feileachain ( You can contact Joy-Tendai on Twitter: