82: Digging

Season 7, Ep. 10

Being the only mom and pop time travel shop comes with its drawbacks.

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Season 7
Season 8 of WOE.BEGONE begins next week. LYRICS:This is my first nightmoonlighting as a walking stickso forgive me if I start to breakin the moments you are frailI will try my best to bemore than just a mirrorTrying as I mighthaving other goalssplitting up my timeapologies if Iwasn’t meant to bearweight as great as thisfor very longI was not enoughto stop our bulky basketsfrom falling in the riverI was not enoughto stop out lazy futuresfrom ticking awayinside our headsmodicum of saltspread on the groundthought that you would flinchbut you didn’tterror in the eyesterra firma nowI think that I’m whythe plants aren’t growingand I wasn’t holding onto hope for nothingbut I wasn’t holding on with both my handsbecause I needed one to steady up my bodybattled-hardened for a battle I won’t winuntil I sink into the permafrost againI was not enoughto salvage every vesselwith rations meant to fill us upI was not enoughto demand a permanent endto the breeze that threw us off  I HAVE BEEN TO THE FUTURE: https://woebegonepod.bandcamp.com/album/i-have-been-to-the-futureRQ REDBUBBLE: https://www.teepublic.com/sticker/34754836-rq-network-woebegoneTWITCH: http://twitch.tv/woebegonepodPATREON: http://patreon.com/woe_begoneALIZA SCHULTZ: http://anchor.fm/alizaschultzTRANSCRIPTS: http://WOEBEGONEPOD.comTWITTER: @WOEBEGONEPODREDDIT: /r/DOGCATCHER and /r/WOEBEGONEMUSIC: http://woebegonepod.bandcamp.comDISCORD: https://discord.gg/pn9kjTBYPD