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  • Icebox Epiphany

    Defrosting the freezer with a hammer and a chisel delivers an object lesson about how a long process can come to a dramatic tipping point. Hope lives in the anticipation of a breakthrough.Music called "Summer Adventures" is by Sergii Pavkin from Pixabay.

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  • Good Grief

    Can grief be good? Only if it progresses toward redemptive relief. In this episode of Wisdom from the Heart, Tim Bishop talks about recent losses in his own life, ways to cope with the death of significant people in your life, and how God can use grief to bring about good. Redemptive grief is indeed good.Music entitled "The Cradle of Your Soul" is by Vitaliy Levkin of lemonmusicstudio from Pixabay.
  • Redeeming Time

    Are you still waiting for the love of your life? Take heart this Valentine's Day! It may not come as soon as you would like it to, but God hasn't forgotten those who seek His provision. Tim Bishop shares how God answered longstanding prayers for him and his wife, Debbie. Music courtesy of Daddy S Music - Beautiful Plays, "Price of Freedom."
  • What Do You Value Most?

    Tim Bishop relates an incident from a bicycle adventure with his wife, Debbie. Losing something worth little money at the worst possible time suggests the need to reconsider how we ascribe value to things. The original text comes from Wheels of Wisdom by Tim and Debbie Bishop. Music courtesy of Lesfm.
  • Today’s News Is Murder

    Does today's news concern you? While ineffective politicians, assault weapons, and mental illness contribute to mass shootings in America and rogue regimes foment war atrocities in Ukraine and Israel, author and purveyor of hope Tim Bishop urges listeners to see a deeper root to the heinous crimes. It’s the same problem that touches everyone to some degree, and each of us can help reverse the trend toward violence. There's hope! Soundtrack courtesy of Olexy.
  • Has God Ever Spoken to You?

    The unequivocal and personal voice of God comes tailored to resonate with the uniqueness of each individual. Tim Bishop recounts his own time of hearing from God despite his skepticism. Soundtrack courtesy of Olexy.
  • Overpreparing or Underperforming?

    When getting ready for an important undertaking seems to be an endless task, it may be a clear sign of stalling. Are you overpreparing or underperforming?