Winning Uglier with Brad Gilbert

Brad Gilbert wants to improve your tennis game! Join BG, former coach to Agassi, Roddick, and Murray, as he drops tennis knowledge, before diving into listener driven Q&A sessions. You may even find the explorations into the mental side of the game applicable off the court as well. His son, Zach (aka Buck), will be on hand to keep things from getting out of hand. Please send your questions to

Brad Gilbert

Brad Gilbert’s resume in the sport of tennis is unparalleled: ESPN analyst, coach of all-time greats Agassi, Roddick & Murray, world no.4 as a player, and author of the best-seller Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis – so you see where we got the name for the podcast. Brad is a prolific tweeter, nickname inventor, bullish investor, sports fanatic, and lover of cold beer.

Zach Gilbert

Zach, better known by the nickname Buck, has grown up around the sport since his days as an unusually patient 18-month-old attendee of his dad’s matches. Zach went on to become a Division I tennis player for UC Berkeley and has spent the last 9 years as a tennis coach and content researcher for ESPN. He’s more of a whiskey guy and is just a touch mellower than BG.