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Wine 101


Season 3, Ep. 35

In this episode, we will get down with the details of this wine region. Below are two supplemental episodes from seasons past that will help with some background here:

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  • 48. Diversity In Wine: A Conversation With Oenoverse's Reggie Leonard III

    What does it mean to have diversity in wine? What does it look like and how can we continue to work towards absolute equality in this industry? For the last episode of the season, I say down with Reggie Leonard III, co-founder of Virginia's Oenoverse and the Two Up Wine Down Festival to talk about what it all means and what we can do to further inclusivity.
  • 47. Levels Of WSET With Alex Schrecengost CEO and Founder of Culture With Us

    I sat down with Alex Schrecengost Founder of Virtual With Us and Culture With US who has experienced the full WSET program. We talked about how she got to WSET, what the levels involved and what she took away from the program.
  • 46. Yeast

    Yeast comes up a lot on his podcast and in your wine world but what is this little single-celled critter and how does it work?
  • 45. Tannin

    It’s a building block of wine and crucial to color and age worthiness. Let’s break down tannin, literally
  • 44. Ullage

    It's a word you will come across the further you get into wine. It can be a bit confusing and has a few meanings so let's dive in.
  • 43. Noble Rot

    Is it odd that a rot is noble? Not in the wine world! In this episode, we get down with the nature science behind this humid phenomenon.
  • 42. Brix

    THe word Brix sounds cool and is popping up more and more in our consumer wine world. In the episode, we get a little geeky with some science and a dose of history to understand this very cool-looking word.
  • 41. Residual Sugar

    It's a term being displayed more and more on winemaker websites as well as e-commerce so what is residual sugar and how does it affect wine and your palate?
  • 40. Malolactic Conversion

    In this episode, we break down and break out of the confusion surrounding this prevalent process in winemaking. Let's do some science!