Why Does My Child Hate Me?

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  • 5. Private Parts

    Athena is joined by poet and performer Holly McNish to talk about their experiences of talking to their young kids about 'private parts', what to call them and when is the right time to talk about what is appropriate !

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  • 4. Getting the snip

    Athena and Layla are joined by film maker and comedian Stuart Laws who has solved the problem of having-a-child-who-hates-him by having a vasectomy that he loves!
  • 3. Pee Pee on the Potty. Poo Poo on the Botty.

    Anthena and Layla are joined by podcaster and presenter Shahlaa Tahira to share their potty training horror stories and sing the pee and poo song.
  • 2. Which Country has Babybels Mummy?

    When you have kids you gotta feed them. But what and when and how?? Athena and Layla are joined by comedian, actor and writer Jess Fosterkew to talk about what they do to get their kids to eat food - and not just cheese strings - and recount their own food horror stories!
  • 1. Don't Shit! That's Your Baby.

    Welcome to the first episode in our series in which you'll get to know us, Athena and Layla, we share our pregnancy horror stories and why our children hate us this week.
  • Coming Soon!

    Meet Layla, (activist, fund-raiser and parent) and Athena (comedian, writer and parent) and their new parenting podcast series - Why Does My Child Hate Me. Over the coming series we'll discuss everything from pregnancy too poo, from terrible twos to tantrums and teens. We'll be inviting guests to give their own experience of parenting in the 21st Century in an honest, witty and occassionally rude chat and trying to find out Why Does My Child Hate Me!