When One Thing Leads To Another

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  • 20. S2 E20. Series 2 Finale

    The series 2 finale finds Helen and Bill revealing more fascinating facts and tantalising trivia from their lovely listeners. They learn more about Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Weird Al Yankovic, product placement in the Carry On films, Spandau Ballet, and John Logie Baird's socks.

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  • 19. S2 E19. Glastonbury

    Helen and Bill go freewheelin' down the great internet rabbit hole of trivia to discover fascinating facts about the Glastonbury Festival, Elton John, Gremlins, John Williams and Dirty Dancing.
  • 18. S2 E18. Toy Story

    Helen and Bill unearth another treasure trove of weird and wonderful facts about all sorts of things, from Toy Story and Tim Allen to Vancouver Island and ice hockey via the rather unpleasant business of sweating.
  • 17. S2 E17. Alfred Hitchcock

    Helen and Bill have been binge watching Alfred Hitchcock films and have discovered some curious facts about him. They also unearth some fascinating trivia about the rapper/actor Ice Cube; people who have declined knighthoods; the kid's show Jackanory; the origins of the Chinny-Reckon gesture and bum chins.
  • 16. S2 E16. Bulbs

    Confusion over bulbs starts this week's episode before Helen and Bill find a feast of facts about tulips, Amsterdam, Van Halen, the film Taken, and people who have kidnapped themselves..
  • 15. S2 E15. The Bee Gees

    The Bee Gees kick off this week's episode, and the great internet rabbit hole soon leads Helen and Bill to fascinating facts about Gene Kelly, Harold Wilson, Custer's Last Stand and the artist Pierre Brassau who happened to be a chimpanzee.
  • 14. S2 E14. Crossing The Rubicon

    The origin of the idiom, "Crossing The Rubicon" kick starts this week's episode before the great internet rabbit hole leads Helen and Bill to all manner of fantastic facts about Spandau Ballet, beer, Motörhead, phobias and wasps.