A Wheezing Groaning Sound

Live from Gallifrey! We present A Wheezing Groaning Sound, the only Doctor Who podcast presented by three men under house arrest, hosted by Tom Neenan, Paul Litchfield and John Rain

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  • 6. Time-Flight

    John takes Paul and Tom 140 million years in the past, for no discernible reason.

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  • 5. The Mind Robber

    Paul takes us to nowhere, and comes back with a nice book.
  • 4. The Space Museum

    Tom takes John and Paul to the worst museum in the galaxy.
  • 3. Snakedance

    John asks Tom and Paul to look deep into their mind's eye to stop the Federator's son from getting too bored, or behaving badly.
  • 2. The Romans

    Paul invites John and Tom to the forum to have a coffee with Nero. Or is he actually just a lyre?
  • 1. Robot

    Tom takes John and Paul to a meeting of the Scientific Reform Society where they tap dance, play cards and pretend to get shot for some reason.
  • 34. The Talons of Weng-Chiang (PART THREE)

    John takes as by the hand as we once again wade through the murky sewers of East London, try to and save face, and find out just who is behind The Talons of Weng Chieng.