What's the T on PnP?

  • 3. Episode 3 More supportive than an underwire bra

    In our last episode of the series, we discuss the landscape of support and what’s out there to help guys who PnP. Jordan shares a little of his own journey with addiction treatment. The guys dive deep into their own experiences of asking for help and what role friends, families, & lovers can play in helping. In our post-show, we talk about who we didn’t get to hear from! (Hint: rural and suburban guys) and what they might need. Then we do a recap of the Zones from Episode 1 and what they can tell us about when and where help is needed. We sign off the series with a special dedication and thanks to our listeners.  
  • 2. Episode 2 A low-down on stigma

    Following a quick recap of Episode 1, we introduce the topic for the podcast -stigma. After some brief talk about what stigma is, we’re back with the “Amazing 8” podcasters who share their own stories of stigma – and their resilience in the face of it.  
  • 1. Episode 1 Desperate Reckless Freedom

    Episode 1 Desperate Reckless Freedom  In this episode, we give you a brief history and definition of PnP and explains the Zones of PnP Engagement in the preshow. The Zones are a new way of framing PnP relevant to all sorts of guys who party, be they active or abstinent or in between. We introduce the first of the podcast recordings where the guys share their own PnP stories and what drew them to it, and in some cases, out of it. And finally, In the post-show, we share our thoughts on what about PnP makes it a quest for desperate, reckless freedom.