Season 1, Ep. 3

We are modern men here at WHAT DADDIES DO..., as such Danny, Spence I do not mind sharing what did and still does...scare the beejesus out of us, and out of our little ones. From expected sources such as TV monsters and witches to the absurd of noisey bathroom amenities. We are sure...or we all share the same fears as us, plus be safe in the knowledge that modern kids TV...and their lives are minefields of heebeejeebies and ninky-nonks!


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    The HOLLYWOOD STRIKES continue to rumble on delaying film and TV shows but more importantly preventing honest hardworking folk - actors, supporting artists, tradesmen, caterers, make-up artists, VFX artists - from earning a living.THE WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK (celebrating our one year anniversary)'s very own LEGAL EAGLE, LUKE The Lawyer ENGLISH and CINEMA SCHOLAR Glen Dower break down what is actually going on and keep it simple...Enjoy!#sag #hollywood #hollywoodstrikes #streamers #strikeaction #netflix #amazon #disney #unions #actorsunion #wga
  • 14. ABIDING: Back to School and Separation Anxiety

    Its the time of year many parents dread (and some celebrate...): Back to School! With many Nurseries, Schools and Colleges having welcomed back students of all ages; it is important to remember the Little Ones, who are saying Goodbye to Mummy and Daddy for the very first time and starting a new routine, or returning to a routine after 24/7 attention over the summer holidays. This can be a very difficult time for young families, for both first time parents and experienced ones.But help is at hand. The ABIDING podcast warmly welcome SAMIA CHALOUHI, the CEO of officially Outstanding FUN FIRST NURSERY, Doha, Qatar. Samia offers help, support and guidance on SEPARATION ANXIETY.Ranging from Soothing Strategies for 1 - 2 and 3 - 4 year-olds, to the Five Wrong Ways to Say Goodbye, and specific advice on how different children express separation anxiety including "The Crier" and "The Silent Observer", Samia's experience and knowledge will be a great help and support to both parents and educators everywhere!!! Enjoy.#parenting #parentingdoha #separationanxiety #backtoschool #backtoschoolanxiety #funfirst #funfirstnursery #doha #podcastsdoha #childcare #childcaredoha

    WHAT HEROES DO...we tackle AHSOKA at this midpoint through her maiden season! Things just got a whole lot more STAR WARS-Y!! The late great Ray Stevenson continues to absolutely crush it in this one of his final roles as BAYLAN SKOLL - a unanimous fan favourite, as is 'educational' droid, HUYANG, voiced by the 'new' DOCTOR himself, DAVID TENNANT.We explore what this show has got right with its view of the new political landscape in a galaxy far, far away (but where are HAN and LEIA to help out?!)...aswell as Arthurian Witchcraft, what it means to fall between the Dark and Light Side of The Force, and what is evil regenerative Sith Dust...
  • 13. ABIDING: A Trauma Recovery Podcast

    It is a great pleasure to welcome JOE TRUAX to the What Heroes Do Podcast Network, and on this episode of ABIDING. He is putting himself out there to help and support males of all ages by helping them find their place in the ever-changing world. He is starting Stateside and doing his best through his organisation, GuyCry and has already established the amazing community actively using to help men grow and become more and more emotionally intelligent, and is currently working on organizing in-person AA-type group meetings as part of a nonprofit program. Men everywhere need all the assistance that Joe and his team can give them. You can check out his podcast here:Fountain Apple Anchor Spotify you can contact Joe at: email: and LinkedIn: #mentalhealthawareness #menshealth #mensmentalhealth #GuyCry
  • 12. ABIDING: A Trauma Recovery Podcast

    ABIDING returns with special guest, Emma Hamel. Emma has often been called an 'enabler', as she can take you on a wonderful journey to discover yourself, gain resilience, and empower you to live the life you desire. Utilising the various tools and processes that she has picked up on a varied and exciting life journey; she bring support to clients who wish to lead a purposeful, happy, extraordinary life!Emma and Glen first met around 15 years ago when they worked in the high-octaine environment of...'the prepayment industry' however their lives diverged and now their paths have crossed again; as Emma offers real, practical advice on how you can improve your outlook, often by just doing 1 THING, as she discusses the 3 pillars that form the basis of her coaching service: Purpose, Health, and Happiness...ENJOY!

    WHAT HEROES DO back with our review of the opening episodes of new STAR WARS show: AHSOKA available now on Disney+!Luke and Dean are back to talk the new Filoni-verse, the chasm in the Force between the Light and the Dark Side, and the sad passing of Ray Stevenson just before this show aired, but what a fantastic legacy and mark he has left on the Star Wars Universerse. We are all excited to talk this show and what it means for the wider galaxy, far far away...ENJOY!
  • 11. ABIDING: A Trauma Recovery Podcast

    ABIDING: The Trauma Recovery Podcast from the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK...IS BACK! After a brief summer vacation, where the fort was held up with inspiring and motivating talks from KEVIN SMITH, JOE ROGAN, and SYLVESTER STALLONE; we are so glad to back in booth interviewing some wonderful people, who are invited here to WHD Towers to help your mood stay GOOD!This time we welcome US Army Veteran, (retired) Colonel JEFF CAMP, C.E.O. of PAWS FOR PURPLE HEARTS - a truly incredible organisation that helps veterans with mobility needs or those suffering from PTSD and TBIs to re-enter society in a meaningful way. Since we here at ABIDING are always looking to offer ways for everyone to recover and/or deal with challenges; listen to Jeff's amazing insight if you think perhaps a new pet may help you on a new path...enjoy.
  • 10. ABIDING: A Trauma Recovery Podcast

    Welcome to ABIDING: The Trauma Recovery Podcast from the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK. This show is all about finding inspirational people who can motivate and offer real praxtical advice on how you can improve your mental wellbeing.With everyone's summer schedules set to CRAZY, in recent times we have been sharing inspirational talks and interviews with some famous folk to help keep your mood up and thriving. We have shared KEVIN SMITH'S incredible TRAUMA IS TRAUMA talk, a motivational medley from the one and only JOE ROGAN, and we complete a mighty hat-trick with the LEGEND; SYLVESTER STALLONE.In this episode we share his 2008 Zurich Film Festival interview where he recounts his humble beginnings in the film industry, how he seized opportunities and eventually became a major force in Hollywood complete with many highs and lows...ENJOY!
  • 9. ABIDING: A Trauma Recovery Podcast

    Its the Summer time and the weather is high, and so everyone can enjoy their holiday vacays; ABIDING: The Trauma Recovery Podcast from the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK will continue to share positive, insightful, motivating talks from well-known names. Following director KEVIN SMITH last time, we now share a motivational talk from JOE ROGAN as he talks discipline, hard work, consistency and being the best you can be!