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ABIDING: The Positive and Practical Podcast

Season 1, Ep. 16

Did you turn your back for a second and suddenly your baby is an adult?? Time to Abide.

We have another episode of ABIDING dedicated to this time of year, when little ones are settling back into school...and not so little ones are leaving home for the first time...leaving their parents in the fabled Empty Nest. But as always help us at hand, this time we are delighted to have the CEO of MIND Mid Herts, UK, Ms Sharn Tomlinson here to share her personal and professional experience to help and support you or perhaps someone you know who may be going through this sad time. Sharn also guides us through the Five ways to wellbeing | New Economics Foundation  which is a truly amazing piece research that proved if you practice these 5 things you will maintain a healthy mind!

While we are here: this little podcast network has just turned ONE YEAR OLD. As a wee birthday present can you leave a comment on whatever platform you found this episode if you have enjoyed any episode?


If you want to delve a little deeper: a very interesting new health research projects of the past decade or so has looked at how exactly exercise makes us feel good. Research shows that there appears to be a clear scientific reason, that we can see at a cellular level. When muscles contract, they secrete chemicals into the bloodstream. Among these chemicals are myokines, which have been referred to as “hope molecules”. These small proteins travel to the brain, cross the blood-brain barrier, and act as an antidepressant. They do this by improving our mood, our ability to learn, our capacity for locomotor activity, and protect the brain from the negative effects of ageing. This has been referred to as “muscle-brain cross-talkThe secret to why exercise is so good for mental health? ‘Hope molecules’ | Devi Sridhar | The Guardian  Devi Sridhar is Chair of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh.

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  • 25. ABIDING: Creativity and Community: The Joys of Cosplay

    Welcome back to ABIDING, the Positivity Podcast from the What Heroes Do Podcast Network! Did you know the cosplay market was valued at $35.20 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $80.85 billion by 2028?! But we are not here to talk about that. Our guest 'Kisasa (Saskia) Cosplay' discusses the amazing positives that come with celebrating your favourite pop culture characters through 'costumed play'. The freedom and opportunity to be creative, to meet accepting, likeminded people who just want to share their joy. And of course an amazing community that are instantly welcoming. Isn't that what many of us want?So, if you are thinking about it...just do it! ENJOY!#cosplay #cosplaying #cosplaycommunity #comiccon #firefly #anastacia #chipanddale

    We are back for 2024 and where better to start than reacting to MARVEL STUDIOS' DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE TEASER TRAILER!!??#marvel #marvelstudios #deadpool #wolverine #deadpoolandwolverine #podcast #trailerreaction #deadpooltrailerreaction
  • 24. ABIDING: Discussing Overcoming PTSD

    ABIDING: The Trauma Recovery Podcast, from the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK, goes back to its roots with a VIP guest speaker talking about and sharing their own experiences in order to help others. I am your host, Glen, and I have had my own share of dark times, including Abandonment Trauma and losing a dear friend to mental health illness. But I came out the other side with a mission to help just one person with this series of podcasts. This is a view shared by my guest, who also happens to be my (half) sister who bravely talks us through domestic trauma she unfortuneately experienced, and how her PTSD was greatly helped by a EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.
  • 23. ABIDING: Sharing Advice on the January Blues

    January can be a tough month - colder, darker, and a big comedown from the winter hols (and being off work). So, we at the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK have found 2 amazing talks to share with you.A big shout out to Nesting Story and Start Strong Gym for offering people such great and helpful advice. Please do check out their IG and YouTube feeds for more content.So here we have two very different approaches to working through those New Year doldrums, and treating yourself right in 2024! Enjoy!#winterblues #januaryblues #positivity January is a tough month – it’s got to be the most depressing month of the year. After all the New Year goal setting wears off, we’re left in the cold and the shortest days of the year.
  • 22. ABIDING: Dry January and Beyond...

    HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK! We kick of the year with an episode of ABIDING, since we are still in holiday mode, we'll do what we usually do and that is share an amazing talk from an inspirational figure...Tony Jeffries is a former Olympic Boxer who represented Great Britain in 2008. Since he retired from Boxing he has set up a number of successful businesses including his own Boxing Coaching brand - of which I am an avid follower, and travels the world with his family. He states that giving up alcohol was instrumental in his personal and professional successes, and explains everything in the recording I have shared. Food for thought in what many see as DRY JANUARY. I gave up alcohol almost 18 month ago and I have not looked back...Enjoy!You can watch the original Youtube Video on Tony's channel here.
  • 19. WHAT HEROES DO...2023 REVIEW

  • 18. WHAT HEROES DO...Celebrating Andre Braugher

    We could not let the week go without a quick note of celebration of the work of Andre Braugher. We tragically lost Mr Braugher this week after a short illness, and all witnessed the outpouring of grief and respect for the man for his life and his work.At What Heroes Do we want to specifically highlight his work as Captain Raymond Hoult in the superlative Brooklyn 99. He truly shone in a spectacular ensemble and will always be remembered. Plense enjoy some highlights of Captain Hoult's SASS!Rest in Peace and thank you Mr Braugher. 9-9!!!!!!!!!
  • 21. ABIDING: Talking Connection, Conversation and Creation

    In the third and final in our series of Movember episodes focusing on Male Mental Health, we chat with Jon Whitfield of Men's Sheds.Banishing loneliness and isolation isn’t easy, which is why Men’s Sheds encourages local communities to come together to build, fix and restore – projects as well as themselves!So if you have a male relative: dad, grandad, uncle; who you think could benefit from some company and practicality, why not give Men's Shed a thought? Men’s Sheds (or Sheds) are similar to garden sheds – a place to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending. The difference is that garden sheds and their activities are often solitary in nature while Men’s Sheds are the opposite. They’re about social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course a lot of laughter. Many Sheds get involved in community projects too – restoring village features, helping maintain parks and green spaces, and building things for schools, libraries and individuals in need. Whatever the activity, the essence of a Shed is not a building, but the connections and relationships between its members.#Movember #Movember2023 #MensSheds #MensShedsUK #MentalHealth #OctopusFoundation
  • 20. ABIDING: Discipline, Consistency and Mixed Martial Arts

    Welcome to the positive and practical podcast from the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK.We have reached Episode 20 of ABIDING and could not be more grateful to everyone who has contributed over the recent months to help in our mission: To Help Just One Person, and continue to honour the name and memory of dear friend, Steven Carne.In this episode we talk to Mixed Martial Artist (and fellow Geek Out Specialist and Podcaster) GILMAN AHMED who shares his views on the required discipline, courage and consistency to make it in this awesome community.It would also be just plain wrong if we did not have a Geek Out Session over recent movie and TV news - so that is exactly what we do, as we talk LOKI, THE MARVELS, the MCU Fanbase, the SONY SPIDER-VERSE, and we take an unexpected but welcome turn into the area of diversity casting. ENJOY!