cover art for Ep. 050: Bald, Blanco, And Brown (With David Duque)

Whatever With Nick Fleckenstein

Ep. 050: Bald, Blanco, And Brown (With David Duque)

Season 1, Ep. 50

YUP! WE DID IT! 50 EPISODES!!! My first ever guest star, David Duque, joins me again for the big 5-0! Talkin' about an unbelievably hectic few weeks, the Sneako situation, fact checkers on a joke about Tesla, the show Jury Duty, doing group projects with senioritis, getting hit by a car being an ick, people disrespecting AI, me being the bad guy in law class, ChatGPT killing its impression of me, why David buzzed his hair, and the best story told so far on this podcast. (David's mic is a little finnecky, not sure why, apologies!)

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  • 75. Ep. 075: The World's Quietest Podcast

    Talkin' about the Catch Phrase incident, Cam Newton's awful fashion, the strange noises of my neighborhood when I'm alone, my washer being so loud, the "declothesipation proclamation", gettin' real quiet, and that really creepy brother/sister Folger's commercial.
  • BONUS: Answering Women's Questions For Men

    This is bonus content! In this episode of bonus content I had many of my female friends send me questions they have for men and I answered from my own male perspective! Enjoy!
  • 74. Ep. 074: Medium Ugly

    Talkin' about Texas cold weather, an interesting interaction at work, my car accident still effecting me, and an introspective conversation on insecurities and vulnerability.
  • 73. Ep. 073: Blazing Hot Projectile Honey Buns

    Talkin' about being the hottest man alive (temperature stylez), how time works, the girl who ruined her boyfriend's apartment, Charli Demileo becoming the working class, financing pizza, the strange nuked honey buns thrown at homeless people meme, the ginger video, men who can't take hints, and the use of the word "literally". Also I said episode 72. I meant episode 73. oops.
  • 72. Ep. 072: Daddy God (With Brandon Yi)

    Brandon Yi joins me talkin' about, Texas vs East Coast weather, unprovoked yappers, pizza preferences, Jack's poopoo story, a strangely worded Christian tweet, and an interesting conversation on Christian cliches. (Apologies for the audio clicks. I literally could not find a fix for them.)
  • BONUS: Aprendiendo Espanol Con Duo Lingo

    Learning Spanish with Duo Lingo.
  • 70. Ep. 070: My List Of "Icks"

    Talkin' about, the dazed woman at my front door, Alpha and Sigma males looking up to the worst role models, getting bugged, the Donald Trump worship song, making eye contact with white dudes, sunset drives, police auditors, and my list of icks.
  • 69. Ep. 069: "Refuse Mediocrity"

    Talkin' about people flavoring water and being addicted to coffee and energy drinks, cops in my area being subtly aggressive, 3D printed meat, and a car missing an engine block.
  • 68. Ep. 068: Taylor Swift Ruins Football

    Talkin' about how Taylor Swift's fans are probably going to momentarily ruin football, car troubles, TSITP conundrum, the greatest Reddit story ever, and AI generated memes.