cover art for Ep. 085: Little Bustard And The Goatsucker

Whatever With Nick Fleckenstein

Ep. 085: Little Bustard And The Goatsucker

Season 1, Ep. 85

Talkin' about, answering women's questions for men as a new segment, $8,000,000,000 in Jimmy John's gift card money, a detective asking if I am a registered $3x offender, the Capybara and the Lesser Capybara, and weird bird names.

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  • 86. Ending The Podcast... Sort Of

    I'm no longer going to be doing solo episodes, at least for the foreseeable future. But I will occasionally have guests on!
  • 84. Ep. 084: The Orange Drink

    Talkin' about, companies and their terrible resume systems, JLO being strange, The Moment of Truth show being wild.
  • 83. Ep. 083: The Chop Sesh (With Josiah Sleeper)

    My boy Josiah joins me for a chop sess, nuff said.
  • 82. Ep. 082: Check Mate, Moms (With Aileen Benitez)

    I'm back from a long break and joined by my friend Aileen talkin' about, disproving a classic mom statement, Usher needing to chill, the "I told you" incident at Taco Bell, country music being casually alcoholic, hard launching relationships, Cyber trucks being ugly, and much more!
  • 81. Ep. 081: We Be Clumpin'

    Talkin' about, abrasive cold, the man who folded immediately, being shocked by everything, weird I should've kissed you trend, super fans of musicians, clumpin' and dumb gym advice.
  • 80. Ep. 080: Spread Misinformation Like Butter

    Talkin' about how I would spread misinformation before the internet, motivational speaking being nothing, manifestation being nothing, shouting in the gym, Katt Williams' interview, the fear of the dark bathroom, and hate trends.
  • 79. Ep. 079: Chicken Sandies And Screechin'

    Happy New Year! The first episode of 2024 is about, my leaky dentist visit, the foggiest day ever, my coworker sneezing as if her nose asked a question, paying with a credit car being liberal apparently, Beavo constantly almost choking on food, Ellysa Yagho's unhinged personality, and awful "yeah but" people.
  • 78. Ep. 078: I'm Clairvoyant

    Merry Christmas! This episode we are talkin' about a fight in a Walmart parking lot, the awful "that's what she said joke" I heard, the greatest Hockey call of all time, society and college costs, my insane work schedule, being clairvoyant, and the AI written Hallmark Christmas movie script.