cover art for Ep. 047: Horizontally, Vertically, And "Follically" Challenged

Whatever With Nick Fleckenstein

Ep. 047: Horizontally, Vertically, And "Follically" Challenged

Season 1, Ep. 47

Talkin' about why I had a couple breaks in between episodes, shaving my head, watching every YouTube video ever, Rihanna fans being the worst (still), people who say "my life isa movie", cooking show chefs being horribly rude, women needing to let men do their friendships the way they want, the weird "get ready with me" TikTok trend, and the 50 worst news headlines.

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  • 81. Ep. 081: We Be Clumpin'

    Talkin' about, abrasive cold, the man who folded immediately, being shocked by everything, weird I should've kissed you trend, super fans of musicians, clumpin' and dumb gym advice.
  • 80. Ep. 080: Spread Misinformation Like Butter

    Talkin' about how I would spread misinformation before the internet, motivational speaking being nothing, manifestation being nothing, shouting in the gym, Katt Williams' interview, the fear of the dark bathroom, and hate trends.
  • 79. Ep. 079: Chicken Sandies And Screechin'

    Happy New Year! The first episode of 2024 is about, my leaky dentist visit, the foggiest day ever, my coworker sneezing as if her nose asked a question, paying with a credit car being liberal apparently, Beavo constantly almost choking on food, Ellysa Yagho's unhinged personality, and awful "yeah but" people.
  • 78. Ep. 078: I'm Clairvoyant

    Merry Christmas! This episode we are talkin' about a fight in a Walmart parking lot, the awful "that's what she said joke" I heard, the greatest Hockey call of all time, society and college costs, my insane work schedule, being clairvoyant, and the AI written Hallmark Christmas movie script.
  • 77. Ep. 077: The Painted Bald Spot

    Talkin' about, my love of croutons, being betrayed by Pepperidge Farm, going to sleep early, phone calls over texting, the man who painted my bald spot, and the 25 dumbest Christmas traditions list.
  • 76. Ep. 076: Regaled With Tales Of Retail

    Talkin' about tales of working retail, the "click to ten" experience, and Babymetal.
  • 75. Ep. 075: The World's Quietest Podcast

    Talkin' about the Catch Phrase incident, Cam Newton's awful fashion, the strange noises of my neighborhood when I'm alone, my washer being so loud, the "declothesipation proclamation", gettin' real quiet, and that really creepy brother/sister Folger's commercial.
  • BONUS: Answering Women's Questions For Men

    This is bonus content! In this episode of bonus content I had many of my female friends send me questions they have for men and I answered from my own male perspective! Enjoy!
  • 74. Ep. 074: Medium Ugly

    Talkin' about Texas cold weather, an interesting interaction at work, my car accident still effecting me, and an introspective conversation on insecurities and vulnerability.