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  • 13. The Party That Ended the 90s: Woodstock ‘99

    In July of 1999 it was the 30th anniversary of Woodstock. The original organisers wanted another festival dedicated to love and peace, but this one became a disaster. The crowd rioted, setting fire to food trucks. Dozens were arrested, including our guest, Calvin Cardwell. On this episode, Calvin and his friend Chad Yantis describe their memories of the riot, and the details that the Netflix documentary, Trainwreck, missed out on.Hosted by Julian MorgansA Superreal Production

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  • 12. The Woolworths Christmas Bombers

    In the lead up to Christmas of 1980, three Woolworths stores were bombed around New South Wales. It's a crazy story involving Australia's largest supermarket chain, two larrikin crooks, and a $1 million ransom thrown into the Sydney Harbour. We'll hear about it from two people: Former police officer Allan Duncan who was injured in one of the explosions, and Forgotten Australia podcast host, Michael Adams.Hosted by Julian MorgansA Superreal Production
  • 11. The Lovers Who Burned Down 77 Houses

    When abandoned farm houses started catching fire in rural Virginia, police weren't sure what to think. It took five months and almost 80 fires for a couple to be arrested and the story to emerge. In this episode, convicted arsonist Charlie Smith explains how he and his ex-partner lit fires to relax when their relationship soured.Hosted by Julian MorgansA Superreal Production
  • 10. I Discovered Brad Pitt

    Lauren Lloyd had just co-founded a Hollywood talent agency when she met a pimply kid from Missouri named Brad. He was in his early 20s, but had a certain confidence that she found mesmerising. She knew instinctively he would be a movie star, and we're spending this episode unpacking what she saw and knew in that moment.Hosted by Julian MorgansA Superreal Production
  • 9. I Bought a Haunted Witches' Prison

    Vanessa Mitchell thought she was buying the home of her dreams. Sure, it was a medieval prison for English peasants accused of witchcraft, but it was also cute and within her price range. But then her possessions started vanishing and she found a mysterious pool of blood on the floor and three years later she was out, fleeing with her son. This is Vanessa's story of what happened.Hosted by Julian MorgansA Superreal Production
  • 8. Russia's Abandoned Spaceships

    Through the 1980s the Soviet Union poured vast amounts of money into building reusable spaceships for crewed missions. This was the Buran programme, which was cancelled after the USSR collapsed. Today, many of these prototype spaceships are rusting away in Russian military hangars in Kazakhstan. We speak to a man who journeyed to find them.Hosted by Julian MorgansA Superreal Production
  • 7. I Murdered Michael Jordan's Dad

    In June of 1993 Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to their third championship victory. A month later, his dad was shot dead and Jordan quit the NBA. Now, for the first time, one of the two men convicted with James Jordan's murder tells his story.Hosted by Julian MorgansA Superreal Production