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Behind the Markets Podcast with Liqian Ren: Michael Oyster

Ep. 95

Show from 1/11/19

In this episode of Behind the Markets Jeremy Siegel starts off the show with his weekly market update talking about everything from unemployment to Fed fund rates and reserves. Then hosts Liqian Ren and Jeremy Schwartz talk about China's economy, the new year, and the one child policy. Plus Michael Oyster joins the show to discuss his most recent book "Success in a Low-Return World." Tune in!


Michael Oyster - Author of Success in a Low-Return World. He is also an investment strategist, researcher and creator of the Options Income Index. He began his professional investment career in 1994 with options advisory firm Schaeffer’s Investment Research. As Schaeffer’s senior quantitative analyst, he conducted detailed analysis of options and volatility metrics while managing product offerings including an S&P 500 Index options spread strategy.

Follow him on twitter @oystermichael

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