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Behind the Markets Podcast: David Rosenberg

Ep. 125

Show from 7/26/19

Jeff Weniger, Director of Asset Allocation at WisdomTree, steps in to host this special edition of Behind the Markets with Jeremy Schwartz and Jeremy Siegel! They talk to David Rosenberg about the European Central Bank, interest rates and the fed. They also review the flood of corporate earnings out this week and what they say about the U.S. economy. Plus a look at global markets from Japan to Switzerland.


David Rosenberg, Chief Economist and Strategist at Gluskin Sheff, a Canadian-based wealth management firm. Dave was Chief North American Economist at Merrill Lynch in New York for seven years, during which he was consistently ranked in the Institutional Investor All-Star analyst rankings. He also writes a very popular daily newsletter called Breakfast with Dave

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