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Behind the Markets: Maura Pape & Brendan Ahern

Ep. 161

Show from 2/28/20

Professor Jeremy Siegel kicks off the show discussing market disruption due to the spread of the Coronavirus. He covers the impact of low earnings rates, the future of stocks and bonds, and the potential of a fed basis rate decline. Then hosts Liqian Ren and Jeremy Schwartz talk to two guests about the impacts of coronavirus globally on markets. Their first guest, Maura Pape, is a data analyst who gathers high frequency data to evaluate bounce back in China. She says two indicators in China have been bouncing back, industrial and people movement. Plus they bring on China expert Brendan Ahern to look at different ways of accessing the Chinese market.


Maura Pape - Strategist Director of Business Development for DeepMacro

DeepMacro Website:

Brendan Ahern - The CIO of KraneShares

KraneShares Website:

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