Behind the Markets Podcast


Behind the Markets Podcast: Stephen Sexauer, Jose Brito & Jillian Fornito

Ep. 141

Show from 10/11/19

In this episode of Behind the Markets hosts Jeremy Schwartz and Liqian Ren talk with guests Stephen Sexauer, Jose Brito & Jillian Fornito about Market Growth and The European Outlook.


Stephen Sexauer oversees SDCERA's investment strategy for the Fund's public and private investments, investment team and investment

consultants. In addition to the day-to-day operation of SDCERA's Investment Division, he also assists SDCERA's Board with determining the Fund's investment policies, strategy and asset allocation.

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José Brito, Ph.D, has previously worked as an economist at the Monetary Authority of Macau and the Bank of Portugal. Currently he works at Millenniumbcp, the biggest Portuguese private banking group, as the institution’s chief economist after having held the position of head of financial markets research. He has published several papers in international refereed academic journals and op-eds in the Portuguese and international press, including the Financial Times and the Handelsblatt.

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Jill Fornito joined the Global Interdependence Center in 2008 as the assistant director with a broad scope of responsibilities including organizational and program management. In 2011, Jill assumed the role of director of operations, focusing mainly on the planning and execution of GIC’s domestic and international conferences. Jill was named the executive director in 2017 as she continues to oversee the daily operations of the GIC office, including development, financial administration, program coordination and communications. She is also the author of GIC’s Travel Blog

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