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Behind The Markets Podcast Special: Ethereum, The Triple Halving with Squish Chaos

Ep. 237

Show from 5/7/21

In this Behind the Markets Podcast Special Host Jeremy Schwartz and Guest Host Corey Hoffstein talk to the brains behind the Twitter famous account SquishChaos, Nikhil Shamapant.

  • "In the past week, I’ve spent sleepless nights working on what I believe to be an institutional grade research report on Ethereum. In my report, I will explain why I believe a $150,000 price target in the next 18 months is actually achievable. My thesis is entirely based upon the concept of “The Triple Halving,” where I show that Ethereum will have a sell pressure reduction equivalent to undergoing all three of Bitcoin’s halving events consecutively." - Squish Chaos


Nikhil Shamapant - From the Twitter famous account Squish Chaos

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Corey Hoffstein - Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Newfound Research

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