Behind the Markets Podcast


Behind the Markets Podcast: Kelvin Zhang & Peter Bookckvar

Ep. 101

Show from 3/1/19 

On today's show hosts Jeremy Schwartz and Liqian Ren discuss sector based research, the oil industry, and foreign exchange currencies with the CIO and portfolio manager for Bleakley Advisory Group. Then they talk US Dollar, Retail, Global Economies, & China trade with Peter Boockvar, a bearish CIO and portfolio manager for Bleakley Advisory Group. He will explain why he's holding a lot of cash and favors cheap international markets over the US. All that and more!


Kelvin Zhang - He is a Partner at AlphaLetters LLC, a quantitative research company serving fund investors worldwide. Kelvin joined AlphaLetters in 2014 and leads its research, and product development—and has an MBA from the Wharton School, class of 2003.

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Peter Boockvar - Chief Investment Officer and portfolio manager for Bleakley Advisory Group, a 4-point 5 billion dollar wealth management firm. Peter is also the Editor of The Boock Report, a macro economic and market newsletter, and a CNBC contributor.

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