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Behind The Markets Podcast: Harindra De Silva

Ep. 276

Show from 1/14/22

How do you manage your portfolios? Interested in factor investing? Host Jeremy Schwartz talks to Harindra (Harin) de Silva of Analytic Investors about rotating factor investing, shorting, and the influence of the pandemic on investing. Harin says we should think of the world through factors, “you have to consider where we are in the cycle, which factors should be important, and what we are seeing in returns.” He also mentions machine learning and says investors can use this to identify which stocks are factor driven by evaluating the historic and high frequency data to see which factors expand their returns. Wharton Finance Professor Jeremy Siegel also joins to give his market update discussing continued inflation, volatility, growth vs value stocks, and more.


Harindra de Silva - Portfolio Manager at Analytic Investors

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