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Behind The Markets Podcast: Alex Moazed

Ep. 193

Show from 7/31/20

Host Jeremy Schwartz and WisdomTree Guest Hosts Kara Marciscano and Rafi Aviav talk to an expert on platform business models. They discuss the dual nature of these platforms: consumers and producers. The producers contribute the inventory that the the consumers come to the platform for. Think Youtube or Instagram. According to our guest, these platforms have a winner take all scale because it's difficult to overcome network effects. This conversation tries to codify and make sense of these large platform monopolies and provides insights into investing in the space.


Alex Moazed - Founder and CEO of Applico. In 2016, Macmillan published his book, Modern Monopolies, which defines the platform business model.

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The WisdomTree Growth Leaders Fund* seeks to track the investment results of high growth, mid and large-cap companies leveraging platform-based business. 

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