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Finding Your Secret Sauce: Acing the Interview w/ Susana Briscoe Alba

Season 6, Ep. 8

Six-figure career coach, Susana Briscoe Alba, talks about how her own work experiences led her to helping others develop their careers. Check out her upcoming professional development summit HERE

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  • 12. Bully-Proof: Joi’s Werk Story

    Season Six Finale: Werk Stories host, Joi, gives her interviewer chair to podcast producer and season 2 guest Adell Coleman. Joi tells the story about how the toxic workplace that inspired this podcast tried to silence her for the very last time. Check out Season 1, Episode 1 for the first part of this story. the Werk Stories Instagram for off-season updates and daily content.
  • 11. Never Felt Safe: Ndidi's Werk Story

    Ndidi's werk story is happening live! This special education teacher has not been given the support to succeed and it's all coming to a head.
  • 10. A Black Belt in Change: Sheila's Werk Story

    Sheila's career path was not a straight line. Hear about how her risk-taking has led her to the career and life that she wanted.
  • 9. Your Livelihood Or Your Life: Monica's Werk Story

    Dr. Monica Cox, professor and "equity angel" shares her experience in higher education and how toxic work environments require us to make a decision about who we want to be and what we want for our life.
  • 7. Saving Yourself First: Jojo's Werk Story

    In this episode we hear from Jojo, a Dallas nurse who continued in the industry after Covid while, nationally, hospitals saw a shortage of healthcare workers. She talks about the many reasons nurses quit their often toxic work environments and what motivated her to stay.
  • 6. You Can't Fix Corrupt: Rachel's Werk Story

    Rachel recalls her days doing nonprofit work and how her trauma in those environments led her to work for herself.
  • 5. Are the kids okay? Am I? : Mackenzie’s Werk Story

    Mackenzie shares her experience as a middle school teacher and her eventual transition into education tech, what she misses and what she doesn't.
  • 4. Not Just a Man's Job Anymore: Marlena's Werk Story

    Twenty-four year old Marlena talks about her journey to becoming a master plumber and how's she planning her professional life around multiple interests.