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Doctor Who: We're All Stories in the End

10. Camera Obscura by Lloyd Rose

Season 1, Ep. 11

Join Jason and me for a terrifying, breathless moonlit race across the moors as we experience Kylie Minogue's favourite Doctor Who novel, Camera Obscura by Lloyd Rose. It's one of the best. But then I would say that, wouldn't I? Because I'm Sabbath.

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  • Podswap! A Hamster with a Blunt Penknife

    Bonus episode: in case you've never heard A Hamster With a Blunt Penknife: the delightful Doctor Who commentary podcast by Joe "nicest man in podcasting" Ford, here's their recent bookclub episode about Lance Parkin's Father Time. Now go subscribe.
  • 11. 23. Dominion by Nick Walters

    It's episode 11 of the current series of We're All Stories in the End, and I'm joined by Tom Baker, who played the fourth- eh? Bacon? Oh. Oh I see. Yes, actually that makes more sense. I'm joined by Tom Bacon from Screen Rant to discuss a veritable plethora of wide-ranging issues such as: which Star Wars film was released in the same month as Dominion? What did we make of Dominion? What does Tom prefer: Doomsday or Time Lord Victorious? What might the new relationship with Disney+ mean for the status quo of BBC "sovereignty"? What's Tom's favourite Star Wars story ever? Lastly, but by no means leastly, who out of all of the Sith would win a big fight? Please enjoy this podcast responsibly. Rate it. Review it. Follow it on threads: @seaoftranquilitylaneNeed to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin:
  • 10. 22. Demontage by Justin Richards

    On this week's episode of We're All Stories in the End, I'm joined by the utterly lovely Joe Ford (yes, him off of "Hamster With A Blunt Penknife") to discuss Demontage, by Justin Richards, an early (I mean, it's got Sam Jones in it) Eighth Doctor novel, and only the second adventure for new companion Fitz Kreiner. What do we make of Fitz, of Sam, of the portrayal of the Doctor, and what Mr Richards has brought to the table on this occasion. I hope you'll enjoy listening to this as much as I did recording it. Follow the show at @seaoftranquilitylane on Threads.
  • 9. 21. Deceit by Peter Darvill-Evans

    Join Tristan Alfaro (and myself) to discuss Deceit, the New Adventure written by range editor Peter Darvill-Evans. Ace is back, and she's joined by a comic legend, some space lesbians and an evil AI called Pool. So, is this one any good?Follow me on Threads: @seaoftranquilitylaneNeed to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin:
  • 8. 20. Death & Diplomacy by Dave Stone

    "Doctor? This is my fiance. Please don't kill him."Join myself and Ryan Blake of the Dicey-Wicey podcast to flutter our eyelids at each other in this romantic comedy episode.At some point. For some reason.Follow me on Threads @seaoftranquilitylane and Ryan's on twitter: @WWDWrpgNeed to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin:
  • 7. 19. Dark Progeny by Steve Emmerson

    Join me and Michael Storm (or, as he is henceforth to be known, "Stormageddon") for a special conversation about Dark Progeny. There's terraforming going on, odd babies being born, Fitz is in trouble and Anji's in real trouble. Send for the Doctor! Follow @seaoftranquilitylane on threads
  • 6. 18. Damaged Goods by Russell T. Davies

    Welcome back to the show Dylan Rees, host of the brilliant Doctor Who: Too Hot For TV podcast, for this careful, scholarly and entirely serious review of the debut novel from little-known Welsh writer Russell T. Davies who would one day bring Doctor Who back to the screen and make it the most wonderful and popular thing ever. But not today. Today it's 1996 and we're talking about a very different kettle of fish. Doctor Who might never be this bleak, this street, this gritty or depressing ever again. And yet, this is probably the most important of the Virgin New Adventures. So: allons-y! Follow @seaoftranquilitylane on Threads.Need to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin:
  • 5. 17. Conundrum by Steve Lyons

    Join Iain (@seaoftranquilitylane on Threads) and returning honeybun Jon Arnold to discuss that most meta, post-modern and high-concept Virgin New Adventure novel, 1994's Conundrum by Steve Lyons, a book with heavy links to a Troughton-era Doctor Who classic, a book with superheroes, adventuring children, a serial killer, a private dick, a quiet village, and a deadly trap for the Time Lord. Also, for once, a stunning cover painting! What's not to love?Need to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin:
  • 4. 16. Coldheart by Trevor Baxendale

    Join Iain and young Harry from the Who Can Convince You? podcast to discuss Trevor Baxendale's slimy thriller Coldheart from the EDA range. I'll be honest: we don't go into too much depth, due to tangents, diversions, nonsense and bumfoolery. But this episode is a good example of how to disagree agreeably... Follow @seaoftranquilitylane on ThreadsNeed to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin: