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  • 2. 26. Ea(s)ter of Wasps by Trevor Baxendale

    We're back to continue our journey through all things Virgin New Adventure and Eighth Doctor Adventures. This month, we're going back in time to a quiet village overrun with killer wasps and sentient nuclear bombs (a bit like Professor Bracewell in Victory of the Daleks, odd that...) Join Iain and Kevin to talk about this novel, and how Kevin is coping with all this reading he's undertaking...

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  • 1. Winter Special - The Specials!

    Join Iain and Harry (along with his former partner-in-nonsense Luke, just a homeless ex-podcaster now that WCCY is no more) as they discuss the four recent new episodes of television's Doctor Who: The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder, The Giggle, and The Church on Ruby Road, to prove a theory: that Doctor Who is divisive, that not everyone needs to enjoy every single story, and that none of our individual opinions matter much in the grand scheme of things and no-one should ever feel threatened or triggered just because someone else holds a different opinion concerning an episode, a book, an audio or an action figure from a daft old kids TV show.Get in touch! I'm @seaoftranquillitylane on Threads and on Bluesky.
  • Podswap! The Electric Sodcast

    Another chance to hear something new while I'm working on the Winter Special, which will be with you in January 2024. Until then, here's an episode of the comedy podcast I make with my podcast husband James. In the Songpoker episodes, we just chat about music, and since it's still Twixtmas, why not delve deep into the story of one of the biggest hits from the 1980's - Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid. They're all here: Geldof, (Boy) George, Bono, the Bitter Sting of Tears, Phil Collins and some backing vocalist from Shalamar. Don't laugh.Listen to the Complete Sod here:Spotify:
  • 13. 25. Earthworld by Jacqueline Rayner

    Iain is joined by returning guest James for a detailed look at the struggling commercial performance of the EDA's and their plunging DWM poll scores in the early noughties, with DATA, STATS and EVIDENCE. Was Paul McGann's arrival in the Big Finish universe a hammer-blow to the BBC Books range? Was Earthworld truly the best choice for a reprint in the 2013 50th Anniversary reissues as the sole representative of the 8th Doctor? Was it a strong first outing for new companion Anji Kapoor? Was it, at least, good fun?Need to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin:
  • 12. 24. Dreamstone Moon by Paul Leonard

    This week's episode of We're All Stories in the End sees the unexpected return of Joe Ford, who -alone out of all humanity- was prepared to help out and guest on this episode, where in addition to discussing Dreamstone Moon, we also touch upon why no-one loves Samantha Jones, Camille from Red Dwarf, male pattern baldness, and the varying qualities of the covers produced for the EDA range. Joe's a honey, so put you feet up, press play, and we very much hope you enjoy.Follow us on Threads! I'm @seaoftranquilitylane and Joe is @docoho44Need to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin:
  • Podswap! A Hamster with a Blunt Penknife

    Bonus episode: in case you've never heard A Hamster With a Blunt Penknife: the delightful Doctor Who commentary podcast by Joe "nicest man in podcasting" Ford, here's their recent bookclub episode about Lance Parkin's Father Time. Now go subscribe.
  • 11. 23. Dominion by Nick Walters

    It's episode 11 of the current series of We're All Stories in the End, and I'm joined by Tom Baker, who played the fourth- eh? Bacon? Oh. Oh I see. Yes, actually that makes more sense. I'm joined by Tom Bacon from Screen Rant to discuss a veritable plethora of wide-ranging issues such as: which Star Wars film was released in the same month as Dominion? What did we make of Dominion? What does Tom prefer: Doomsday or Time Lord Victorious? What might the new relationship with Disney+ mean for the status quo of BBC "sovereignty"? What's Tom's favourite Star Wars story ever? Lastly, but by no means leastly, who out of all of the Sith would win a big fight? Please enjoy this podcast responsibly. Rate it. Review it. Follow it on threads: @seaoftranquilitylaneNeed to buy any New Adventures or EDA's? Contact Kevin: