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  • 5. An Update For You

    Our podcast feed has been quiet for the last six weeks; here's an update why!? Thanks for the ongoing support - the podcast will be back soon!

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  • 4. No Eagles Landing

    A five-hour drive on a Friday afternoon starts a new chapter for Ryan, Mad, and family as they head out to the suburbs east of Toronto on a Kijiji mission to decolonize the world one little green bin at a time.////DECOLONIAL LITTLE LIBRARY ON can become a member of our Substack at It's free to join.////Series theme music courtesy of Rex Banner on
  • 3. NDN Clothes

    On this episode of We're All Mad Here, we bring you deep into our conversation about whether or not we can celebrate National Indigenous History Month given all that we know about, well, Canada. It's a conflicting and difficult conversation and we talk in a circles at time which really highlights just how tough this month (and the day) really is for many Indigenous Peoples.///You can become a member of our Substack at It's free to join///Series theme music courtesy of Rex Banner on Other music by: Chris Zabriskie.///
  • 2. Part Of A Vest

    In this episode of We're All Mad Here, Ryan and Madeline take you into the den to introduce themselves and the series. Here you'll get a taste of what to expect from the series; you'll hear a lively debate about the value of vests, and Ruford, the cat, makes his first cameo on the show.You can become a member of our Substack at It's free to join.Series theme music courtesy of: Rex Banner on
  • 1. Trailer

    My partner Madeline and I have decided to join forces to bring you a podcast with a wide-open format featuring conversations, interviews, medium-ish dives into news and pop culture, and other loose rantings on all the things that are pissing us off on any given day.Madeline is funny and charming and smart and truly is my better half. She always has insightful and important things to say about everything. I’m glad I convinced her to join me in making this podcast series.I say fuck a lot and have produced a similar project (Ryan McMahon Gets Angry) before. When thinking about the next podcast series I wanted to produce, I wanted to keep the format loose, continue to say fuck, and overall, I just wanted to have fun.Together, we’re working to blend our families in an intentional and good way, raising our son and building a beautiful life. One thing that really works in our relationship is our conversations - they’re open and frank. When we get the house quiet at night, we often sit in our den and chat late into the night. We don’t always agree (she’s Mohawk, and I’m Ojibway, know what I’m sayin’), and our chats are always excellent. Ultimately, we often arrive at what feels like a brand-new place together. This is what we’re aiming to do with We’re All Mad Here - bring our audience to brand-new places and understandings through curiosity, conversations, love, and humour.