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Well-thy: Thriving Beyond COVID: Presented by Well-Thy

Season 2, Ep. 14

COVID-19 has reshaped our lives in unpredictable ways; and adjusting to our new normal is proving challenging for all of us. To help, we’ve gathered advice from some of the country’s leading experts in medicine, psychology, relationships, nutrition and HR to help us navigate the weeks and months ahead. This special Thriving Beyond COVID podcast episode is a collation of some of the best bits from a special nine-part series we’ve created with our experts. To find out more about the full podcast series, please reach out to the team @ TLS via

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  • 16. Well-thy: Fasting, yo-yo diets and your relationship with food

    If you feel like you don’t have a good relationship with food, you’re not alone. Between fasting, yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuation, many of us seem to be at loggerheads with food and our bodies – and that isn’t great for our overall health. To help us develop a better understanding of how to nourish our bodies, health journalist Casey Beros asked accredited practising dietitian and best-selling author Jaime Rose Chambers for her best tips. In this 20-minute episode you’ll get all the skills you need to develop a better relationship with what’s on your plate – and feel more confident about what you’re putting there in the first place. Winner winner, chicken dinner!
  • 15. Well-thy: Navigating Working Parenthood with Dr Preeya Alexander

    Adjusting to life as a new parent is one thing, but transitioning back into working life when your maternity or paternity leave finishes can bring a whole new set of challenges. Health journalist Casey Beros should know – she’s been there! The mum of two chatted to GP Dr Preeya Alexander – also a mum of two – about not biting off more than you can chew, and the importance of asking for help instead of trying to do it all. In this 20-minute episode you’ll get a wealth of information on not just surviving as a working parent, but thriving – and that’s gotta be good for the whole family, right?
  • 13. Well-thy: The power of momentum over motivation and self-belief with Keith Abraham

    Are you feeling stuck in your life, or struggling to get started on your goals? This podcast episode is for you. Health journalist Casey Beros grills performance expert Keith Abraham on how to move past procrastination, get momentum and make sure self-belief doesn’t hold you back. This podcast episode is full of great tips to stay focused on your goals, all in an easy-to-digest 20-minute hit.
  • 12. Well-thy: Learning to embrace change with Leanne Hall

    Change is an inevitable part of life, so it’s surprising that we’re not better equipped to deal with it when it happens. In this episode of the Well-thy podcast, health journalist Casey Beros chats with integrative psychologist Leanne Hall about how to not only deal with change, but how to embrace it and thrive through it. From breakups to redundancy and becoming a parent to losing one, this is a must-listen episode.
  • 11. Well-thy: Rewiring your brain for your best year yet with Chelsea Pottenger

    Many of us are good at setting goals, but when it comes to actually achieving them, we tend to (inevitably) fall off the wagon. In this episode of the Well-thy podcast, health journalist Casey Beros picks the brains of motivational speaker Chelsea Pottenger, to find out how we can stay on track with implementing real, effective and positive change. All we have to do is 'rewire our brains' with some healthy daily habits... piece of cake, right?
  • 10. Well-thy: Are you financially stressed? Here's how to know (and what to do about it) with Paul Gordon and Janine Robertson

    There’s little in life that stresses us out more than money. No matter where you live, with shaky house prices, slow wage growth and more debt than ever, we’re feeling increasingly anxious about our financial future. So, why aren’t we better at talking about money, and if you’re under financial pressure, what can you do about it? Paul Gordon and Janine Robertson know the answers, and give health journalist Casey Beros the low-down.
  • 8. Well-thy: How to not royally stuff up your relationship with Dr Nikki Goldstein

    When relationships are good, they’re wonderful, but when they’re not, they can be extremely stressful. In the madness of modern life it can be easy to accidentally neglect our primary partnerships, so in this episode, health journalist Casey Beros chats to relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein about how you can keep your partnership healthy amid pressure from work, kids and finances.
  • 7. Well-thy: Flex those finance muscles - money tips for (wannabe) adults with Teddy Richards and Pauline Taylor

    It makes the world go around, yet money also makes many of us feel completely out of our depth when it comes to managing our daily (and future) finances. In this episode, health journalist Casey Beros asks two financially savvy experts for advice on how to change the way you think about money, how to ramp up your savings and how to better prepare for a financially fit future. On board for this episode are financial consultant Pauline Taylor and investment expert Ted Richards.