Weird Tales and the Unexplainable


#188 - Indiana Artefacts: Crystal Skulls

Indiana Artefacts, episode four of four!

Rick joins us as a special host to help us conclude our Indiana Jones series by talking about the real world history and stories surrounding Crystal Skulls as featured in the third Indiana Jones film; 'The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'. Area 51, Nuclear Fridges, El Dorado, Ray Winstone, and more!


Rick's Links:

Ancient Aliens: The Crystal Computer (Season 12), from HISTORY (clip used on episode)

How Did Indiana Jones Survive a Nuclear Blast in a Fridge?, from DCODE by Discovery

The 13 Crystal Skulls Legend Debunked, from Chris White

5D optical data storage

The HP article

Dan Aykroyd discusses crystal skulls debunk article

Your Horoscope for Today, from Weird Al Yankovic


Outro music this week:

Dr. Jones, by Aqua

also featured Indiana Jones Main Theme, by John Williams


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