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  • 15. The Alchemy of Audience - Dad is Dying & Odd Jobs

    “There are only so many holes a man can cut in his own house before he is told to stop.” Today on the show, two classic Stuart McLean stories, including Odd Jobs. That’s the one where Dave tries his hand at some home renovations, with hilarious consequences. And Jess has a backstory about the magic of Vinyl Cafe audiences.

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  • 14. Spring – The Fish Head

    “I guess I figured having a fish head could come in handy.” On this week’s episode Stuart celebrates the joys of birding and the Spring bird migration. And we have two springy stories, including a favourite from the Vinyl Cafe story exchange. To submit your short, true story to the Story Exchange, send it to
  • 13. Marriage - Dave and the Duck & Margaret Gets Married

    “There is nothing like a wedding to addle people’s minds.” Today on the pod we have two hilarious stories about marriage and proposal. In the first, Dave loses his wedding ring and fears it may have been swallowed by a duck! In the second, Dave’s mom Margaret surprises everyone by agreeing to marry again. And Jess shares her own experience of wedding rings and proposal.
  • 12. Seeds of Hope - The Fig Tree & Morley’s Garden

    “Eugene’s fig tree is the best-known tree in the neighbourhood.” We’re all about gardening on the podcast this week, with two Dave and Morley stories about the act of faith and hope that goes into creating a garden. 
  • 11. What’s in a Name? - Skunks

    “It was 4:30 in the morning and Dave was having a nightmare about something that smelled bad.” On today’s episode we have a fragrant story from way back. And Jess chats in studio with Stuart’s old friends David and Elizabeth, who share how Morley got her name—and surprise Jess with some entertaining backstories of their own! 
  • 10. Sap’s Running! - Dave Makes Maple Syrup

    “It is the best maple syrup I have ever had, said Sam.”We’re celebrating one of the wonders of spring on the pod this week: Stuart waxes lyrical about his favourite tipple, maple syrup, then tells a story about the time Dave tried to make his own. 
  • 9. The Wisdom of Children - Annie’s Turn & Dave and the Roller Coaster

    “The kids were always up to something in the Narrows.” This week’s episode is all about kids and what we can learn from them. The first story relates an adventure from when Dave was a boy. In the second, Dave’s adventures continue, with a little help from his son Sam.