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  • 5. Christmas Besties

    I'm joined in this podcast by my small business bestie Beth Kuhar-Miller of One Sweet Thread and we're getting personal! Join us as we talk about our Christmas decorating traditions, favorite Christmas cookies, books, movies and memories from childhood and adulthood. Beth shares a childhood gift she always wanted and never got from Santa. We talk about when we first discovered Santa wasn't real (or is he . . . ?) And don't miss all the celebrities I accidentally (and repeatedly) diss - honestly, I am the WORST with remembering names.You'll find out what Christmas books and movies we love! And which songs we hate and hope we never hear again. But you'll have to listen to the very end to hear which Christmas song I play to close out the podcast. Beth and I hope you find some things to love and laugh about in this podcast and have a wonderful holiday, whatever traditions you celebrate!Places/Things Referenced:Easy Bake OvenBarbie Dream HouseMy Baby Beth DollTerry's Chocolate OrangesStan Hywet Hall and GardensStoryland Christmas Tree FarmGaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort Christmas Books:Rebecca - Mr. Willouby's Christmas TreeRebecca - The Sweet Smell of ChristmasRebecca - Baking Day at Grandma'sBeth - Llama Llama ChristmasChristmas MoviesRebecca - It's a Wonderful LifeBeth - White ChristmasBooks We're ReadingBeth - James Herriod - All Things Bright and BeautifulRebecca - NothingShows/Movies We're Watching:Rebecca - Miss Scarlet and the DukeRebecca - Yellowstone - 1883Rebecca - Yellowstone - 1923Beth - HBO Max Ghosts - British VersionChristmas Songs We HateBeth - Wham - Last ChristmasRebecca - Adam Sandler Hanukkah SongApologies to the Famous People I Accidentally DissedHarrison FordAdam Sandler"Beth on Yellowstone" (Kelly Reilly)

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  • 4. Sewing Across Generations

    ~Sewing Across Generations~ PodcastI have been working diligently on the November (now December) podcast: Sewing Across Generations and I think I am nearly ready to post it! This one was a tricky one because I interviewed my Mom since her mother (pictured throughout) sewed voraciously and was who taught me how to sew, and because then I became a seamstress. As you can probably imagine, interviewing your own mother can be a tricky endeavor . . . There are so many side stories and emotions and past experiences to navigate.We ended up with an HOUR AND 45 MINUTES of audio! Whew! So what I've been working on these past several weeks is editing it down (got it down to 45 minutes and trying to create a beautiful encapsulation of my mother's memory of being a child of a sewist and then a mother of a sewist. I've also sprinkled in a few stories about sewing for my own children and the importance of having a shared skill and collective tradition like sewing to pass from generation to generation.I hope you all really enjoy it! As always feel free to share it with others you think might enjoy it.As a BONUS for Patreon members only, I will also be sharing the UNCUT podcast recording so you can get the extra stories and the funny interaction between me and my mom as we fall down rabbit holes and try to get back on track..With love always,RebeccaLink to blog post with bonus photos and content.Links to shows and books mentioned in the podcast:See How they RunA Private AffairDaylight by David Baldacci (the book I couldn't remember the title of)Miss Scarlet and the Duke by MasterpieceLife Force by Tony Robbins
  • 3. Patreon - What's All the Hype About?

    Bonus content for November!Ever wonder what Patreon was all about? In this short bonus episode I take 5 short minutes to give you a nutshell explanation and then tell you why it's important to me and my business!Thanks for tuning in!Rebecca
  • 2. Small Business Besties

    Join me this month for a visit with my long time friend and fellow small-business owner, Ms. Beth Kuhar-Miller as we chat about how we met, got into our businesses, the differences between selling true vintage and reproduction vintage, and some of the tricks and treasures of running a small business in 2022.Beth Kuhar-Miller's Website: One Sweet ThreadRebecca's What I'm . . . Reading - You are a BadassWatching - Agatha Christie's Miss Marple on PBSListening to - The Art of Charm PodcastBeth's What I'm . . . .Reading - Where the Crawdads SingWatching - All Creatures Great and Small on PBSListening to - To Be Magnetic PodcastListening to - Ann Ortlee Weekly Weather PodcastListening to - Taylor Swift Midnights Album
  • 1. Meet the Missus Behind the Business

    Today’s podcast is my very first podcast and I’m super excited to introduce myself and to give you a little preview of the format for my upcoming shows. Why don’t we jump right in! I learned a lot making this first podcast:Don't overuse the auto "fix" options in the audio software. It created a lot of little weird mechanical blips and beeps in some of the tracks.The volume and speed are all over the place. Hahahah. Not sure why but I will work on that next time.I sound like I am reading a script in a lot of places - I will also work on that.I took a lot of the pauses out . . . but after listening I think they should have been there - what do you think? I feel like it sounds like I'm not even breathing? Give me your feedback, PLEASE.Work Completed in September: 1930s nightgown pattern by Eva Dress for Helen Bush of The DecoMinimalist2 custom-made 1930s French Couture Dresses - self-drafted from Fashion Plates (photos coming soon to my website)1930s Beach Pajamas (for myself) - pattern from Slow Made in Germany1930s Blue Polka Dot Dress - pattern by Lady MarloweLate 1940s Evening Dress with Fabulous Peplums for the amazing Lark Bahar  (photos coming soon to my website) Up-Coming Events: Avalon Ball in May 2023Links throughout the Podcast:Photo of me in blue dress I made AFTER the red and white fiasco - this is the dress I was wearing when I met Juanita LieschJuanita Liesich – Who Wore What Janet Arnold - Patterns of Fashion