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  • 13. Tree sitting, Cradlewell Bypass and a brush with the law

    In this episode we talk to June, a teenage anti road demonstrator in the 1990s who also happens to be John's niece. The £12m Cradlewell bypass routed traffic through a tunnel to bypass a narrow pinch point at the end of the Coast Road into Newcastle. The protest invented the idea of tree sitting and delayed the project for a few months. June's arrest and it's subsequent impacts on her career are explored. John wonders whether June has changed her views, well have a listen!

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  • 12. Nick Huston talks domestic heat pumps

    John and Gordon talk to Nick Huston of Daikin (Future Energy Business Manager). Nick tells us about some of the early domestic heat pumps projects he was involved in and we discuss how the future might play out over the next few years. Economics of current heat pumps are explored and contrasted to historical cases (1950s). Nick also lets us know about the "Tesla charge point races" playing out on our roads
  • 11. Professor Ruth Dalton measuring joy and the Revai G-Whiz

    We discuss sustainable design and architecture with Professor Ruth Dalton. Covering her early experience of the importance of sustainability in the 1980s architecture school, her favourite local building and some aspects of design that could be added to sustainable assessment of buildings. Ruth also tells us of her experience with that 1990s London favourite the Revai G Whiz. It works in London but not so much in Milton Keynes. Oh, I should say it contains some mild swearing.
  • 10. Louise Allen, Spark at the Helix

    Louise talks about running Central Square and her new role at the Spark Building. How to create a sense of place in the building and its occupants. She also lets us know about her first car and the informal DJ at the Spark
  • 9. More thoughts from Peter Rolton

    We continue our conversation with Peter Rolton, covering batteries, starting up the Rolton Group, cars and Gary Neville’s zero carbon testimonial. Some local north east flavour in this podcast including “gubby” jobs and Claude Gibb Hall.   Peter also tells us about being chairman of Gary Neville’s zero carbon testimonial team.  
  • 8. Peter Rolton reflects on student days and BREEAM

    In this episode we chat with Peter Rolton, chairman of the Rolton Group. Peter and Gordon have something in common, both studied Building Services Engineering at Newcastle Polytechnic ( now Northumbria University) in there early 80s, so there is some reflection on that period. We talk to Peter about the influence of BREEAM , the maturing debate about sustainability, the stop start nature of the UK Government's legislation in this area and Peter’s role as a government advisor 2006- 2010.
  • 7. Simon Murray talks about judging

    John and Gordon talk to Simon Murray about his role in the RICS and other organisations. We ask Simon, how were the sustainability awards judged and what were key projects over the last 15 years or so? John reminds us of the "circle of blame", this was first codified 20 years ago or more, is it still relevant?