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WPR 546 - The Conversation Pits of Neomuna

A new Destiny expansion means our resident Destiny “expert” (aka Cado) is unleashed, but wait…is that a grappling hook? (Patrick’s been playing it, too.) But first, Ren’s checking out a tactical roguelike called The Last Spell, where you defend a town trying to cast the, uh, last spell. After the break, we wade into the JRPG discourse, and Patrick has beaten Hi-Fi Rush and embraced Zwan. Then, we head into the question bucket to decide if a listener will become more like Rob (computer in living room) or more like Patrick (computer in office).

Discussed: The Last Spell 04:13, Destiny 2 - Lightfall 23:29, Resident Evil 4 Remake 1:08:12, Japanese Developers' thoughts on the phrase JRPG 01:10:14, Hi-Fi Rush 01:22:43, The Question Bucket 01:32:01

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