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Waypoints 49 - In This Analogy The Death Star is Good

Ren and Cado have introduced the world of the Wired to the Waypoint crew. They discuss Serial Experiments Lain on today's pod, a late 90's anime that is surprisingly precinct about the malleability of information in online contexts and the formation of identity in a hyper-connected world. After the break, Rob's been considering the supply chain, and how we've ended up where we are now (spoiler: it's capitalistic greed!) Then, finally, after being wrongly cast aside last podcast, Patrick is here with his impressions on his time so far with the Steam Deck.

Discussed: Serial Experiments Lain 1:53, The Supply Chain 38:28, Steam Deck 1:10:16

Planet Money Podcast - Of Boats and Boxes, American Prospect - How We Broke the Supply Chain

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