Waypoint Radio


Episode 544 - Atomic Heart Shaped Box

A specter is haunting Waypoint Radio—the specter of BioShock Infinite. That game’s influences are all over Atomic Heart, whose Russian origins (and sex robots) are its own discourse. After the break, we touch base on the ongoing Activision Blizzard acquisition, and the surprising raises across some of Japan’s larger gaming companies. Elsewhere, Rob’s reviewed Company of Heroes 3, and Patrick is happy to report Metroid Prime still whips. Then, a developer writes in to clear up why a studio wouldn’t make their own game engine.

Discussed: Atomic Heart 0:40, Microsoft Continues to Try to Acquire Activision 1:04:09, Big Gaming Companies Give Raises? 1:11:37, Metroid Prime Remake 1:35:35, The Question Bucket 1:44:49, Firaxis loses Studio Heads 1:53:42, The Question Bucket Again 2:01:45, Outro and Announcements 2:09:02