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Episode 537 - Dead Space, Now With More Chunks!

Today’s episode is extra meaty, in more ways than one, with Rob and Patrick discussing how good it feels to turn a space zombie into chunks in the Dead Space remake. Then, Ren has stories from the end of the world in Season, an emotional game about memories. Later, we reflect on the Xbox Developer Direct, which gave us new looks at Redfall, and dropped Patrick’s early GOTY contender, Hi-Fi Rush. Then, we dip in the bucket and consider what a Patrick/Rivers Cuomo interview would be like.

Discussed: Dead Space Remake 2:40, Proletariat Union Vote 1:04:38, Season 1:11:02, Spoilers for the Opening of Season 1:36:54, Xbox Developer Showcase 1:50:00, Hi-Fi Rush 2:00:12, The Question Bucket 2:21:14