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Episode 531 - A Life Well Edited - Interview with Robert Ashley

It’s the holiday season and we here at Waypoint are giving y’all our first gift! We’ve had the chance to interview Robert Ashley, creator of one of the seminal video game podcasts: A Life Well Wasted. After nearly a decade, he’s releasing a new episode and we’re here to ask how it feels to return to a project after so long, how the podcast got started in the first place, and how being online has changed since the podcast started. Before we dive in though, Ren’s got new updates on her Dwarf Fortress fort, Patrick’s not feeling particularly high on High on Life, and Rob’s wishing there were maybe a little more strategy in Triangle Strategy

26:44 Dwarf Fortress, 34:57 High on Life, 44:08 Cyberpunk 2077, Triangle Strategy 45:04, Interview with Robert Ashley 53:59, The Question Bucket 2:10:49